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Chapter 64: A Big Gamble

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Xue Fanxin did not care about Yan Jinlus threat at all.

She did not even look at him and only spoke to Shopkeeper Qian, “Shopkeeper Qian, can you fulfill my request”

Shopkeeper Qian did not take Yan Jinlu seriously either and said to Xue Fanxin politely, “Miss, dont worry.

I guarantee that I can fulfill your requirements.

If you still have the Spirit Awakening Potion to sell next time, you can come to me.

Ill definitely give you a satisfactory price.”

“Sure, sure.

Then, when can you give me the two million taels of gold”

“Miss, this is a huge sum.

Its very difficult for me to raise it now.

I can at most take out 100,000 gold taels.

If you believe me, you can leave the Spirit Awakening Potion behind first.

Ill write a note for you.

Three days later, you can come here with the note to receive the remaining money.

How about that”

“Sure, Ill take it as a big gamble.”

“Miss, you are really a forthright person!” After Shopkeeper Qian and Xue Fanxin came to an agreement, he started to busy himself.

He took out all the banknotes and handed them to her.

“Miss, these are banknotes worth 100,000 taels of gold.

Take them.

These banknotes can be exchanged for silver at the Heavenly Treasures Bank at will.”

“Alright, thank you!” Xue Fanxin took the banknotes and did a rough count.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong, she put them away.

However, these banknotes made Yan Jinlu stare in bewilderment, his eyes filled with greed.

When Yan Jinlu heard that Shopkeeper Qian had agreed to Xue Fanxins request, he was furious, but later on, he could not interject at all.

When he could, all his attention was attracted by the thick stack of banknotes.

He had already forgotten everything and was only thinking about the banknotes.

If the 100,000 taels of gold were his, he would be rich.

100,000 taels of gold.

Even if he recovered all the spirit herbs that the Hundred Herb Hall had lost, he wouldnt be able to trade for that much money.

Xue Fanxin left after only selling a bottle of Spirit Awakening Potion.

She did not take out the other bottle.

After she had money, she strolled around the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

Initially, she wanted to buy something, but she realized someone was following her.

She stopped window shopping and left early.

After leaving the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, Xue Fanxin deliberately went to a deserted alley.

When she reached a dead end, someone blocked her way.

There was someone blocking the way behind her.

“Yan Jinlu, what do you want” Xue Fanxin took the initiative to ask.

Indeed, the person following her was Yan Jinlu.

“As long as you hand over the 100,000 taels of gold obediently, I will consider sparing your life,” Yan Jinlu said shamelessly, revealing his true nature as a bully.

“I didnt expect that the grand Imperial Preceptors Estate would actually have a scumbag living in it.

If word gets out, I wonder how much reputation the Imperial Preceptors Estate will lose”

“Hmph, if I kill you, no one will know about this.

Do it.

Dont waste your breath on her.

Kill her and search her body.”

Following Yan Jinlus orders, another person attacked Xue Fanxin.

This person was a warrior.

Although he was in the Spirit Awakening Realm, his cultivation was much higher than Xue Fanxins, and his foundation was stable.

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However, Xue Fanxins movement technique was relatively agile, and she had cultivated a heaven-defying cultivation technique.

It was not easy for people in the same realm to kill her.

“Courting death.”


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