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Chapter 62: Heavenly Treasure Trading Company (2)

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Xue Fanxin toured the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company first.

After understanding the situation here, she went to look for a place to buy herbs.

Although she had been here for a while, she did not know much about many things, especially the value of many items.

She even believed that the Spirit Awakening Potion in her hand was not very valuable.

The Heavenly Treasure Trading Company might not even be willing to accept it.

However, this was the only spirit potion she could concoct.

The Dukes Estate was too short of money now.

Her grandfather was injured in bed and had yet to wake up.

She had to support everything within the Dukes Estate.

Therefore, no matter how little money the Spirit Awakening Potion could be traded for, she had to do it.

She would just sell more to make more money.

Xue Fanxin walked into a store.

There was a poster placed outside the store about purchasing all kinds of natural treasures, so she chose this place.

After walking in, she directly asked the shopkeeper at the counter, “Shopkeeper, do you accept the Spirit Awakening Potion here”

The shopkeeper knew that someone had walked in, but he felt that this person did not look like a big customer, so he ignored her.

Only when he heard the other party saySpirit Awakening Potion did he look up.

Seeing that it was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl, he did not think much of it.

“Little girl, dont joke around.

Spirit Awakening Potion is not something that can be casually obtained.”

“Is the Spirit Awakening Potion very valuable” When Xue Fanxin heard the shopkeepers words, she was overjoyed.

However, she tried her best to remain calm and ask around first.

“Not only is it valuable, but its also nearly priceless.

The Spirit Awakening Potion is not something that a small place like the Nanling Empire can have, so dont come and waste my time.

Go somewhere else to play.” The shopkeeper continued to count his money.

Although his attitude was not that good, it was not bad either.

At least, he was willing to talk to Xue Fanxin nicely.

Xue Fanxins impression of the shopkeeper was not bad.

She took out a bottle of Spirit Awakening Potion and placed it on the counter.

“Theres a bottle of the Spirit Awakening Potion here.

Can you tell me its price”

The shopkeeper was suspicious.

Seeing that Xue Fanxin looked very serious, he took the bottle of the Spirit Awakening Potion and studied it.

A moment later, he got frightened and quickly put the lid back on.

He held it carefully.

“Little girl, is… is this really the Spirit Awakening Potion”

“Shopkeeper, didnt you see it with your own eyes How is it Are you taking this Spirit Awakening Potion or not”

“Yes, yes yes.

Ill take whatever you have.

Do you have any left”

“Then, well have to see how much you pay.

If the price is good, we can talk about the rest later.”

“One million taels…”

“A million taels…” Xue Fanxin was shocked when she heard the price and was even more excited.

However, she had to work hard to maintain her composure.

She could not show any joy or even pretend to be dissatisfied.

However, what she heard next shocked her even more.

“Gold.” The shopkeeper added, “This bottle of Spirit Awakening Potion for one million taels of gold.

Are you satisfied with this price”

A million taels of silver and a million taels of gold were worlds apart.

If she had a million taels of gold, the Xue family army would have enough to spend.

They would not need to rely on the royal family at all.

However, who would complain about having too much money

“Shopkeeper, is a bottle of Spirit Awakening Potion really only worth one million taels of gold” Xue Fan continued to bargain.

Even if she was already satisfied with the price tag, she still had to raise it if possible.

At this moment, someone appeared out of nowhere and said mockingly, “Shopkeeper, this Spirit Awakening Potion is indeed worth more than a million taels of gold, but the premise is that its really the Spirit Awakening Potion.

Are you sure the Spirit Awakening Potion in your hand is real”


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