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Chapter 59: Gaining A Fortune (1)

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Xue Fanxin did not dare to stay in the Hundred Herb Hall for too long.

Even if there were still good things inside, she had to leave quickly.

After Bai Han left, she did too.

Before leaving, she set fire to the Hundred Herb Hall.


Seeing the fire, someone immediately came to extinguish it.

However, the fire was too intense and could not be put out no matter how hard they tried.

It was only when someone ran to the Imperial Preceptors residence to report this matter that the Imperial Preceptor brought experts over and extinguished the fire.

By then, the Hundred Herb Hall had already been burned beyond recognition.

The Imperial Preceptor was a middle-aged man.

When the fire was extinguished, he immediately rushed in and went to the secret room.

Seeing that the person had already disappeared, his expression turned ugly.

“Where did he go”

Not many people in the Hundred Herb Hall knew that there was a secret room here, nor did they know that there was a person locked in the secret room.

Hence, when the Imperial Preceptor questioned angrily, no one said a word.


“Trash, youre all useless.

Whats the point of me raising you useless people” The Imperial Preceptor was enraged.

He kicked a few people before going to the scene to search for clues.

When he saw that the lock on the chain was opened, he was very puzzled.

These locks were not ordinary.

Unless one had a key, they could not be opened.

And the key was with him, not leaving his side for a moment, yet the lock was already open.

What was going on

The Imperial Preceptor could not understand it.

Then, he remembered that there were other important things in the secret room.

He quickly went to investigate, but all of them had disappeared.

“Damn it, damn it…


“Someone, lock down the entire city.

No one is allowed to enter or leave.

Xu Ming, bring people to find him immediately.

Bai Han is heavily injured.

Even if he has escaped from the Hundred Herb Hall, he cant get out of the Imperial City.

No matter what, even if you have to search every house, he has to be captured.”

“Yes.” A cold young man standing beside the Imperial Preceptor received the order and left.

The Imperial Preceptor looked at the empty secret room and thought of the Hundred Herb Hall that had been burned beyond recognition.

He was so angry that his entire body hurt.

However, the most important thing now was not to lose control of his emotions but to report this matter.

If Bai Han escaped, his revenge would be unbearable for the entire Nanling Empire.

“Go, prepare the carriage immediately.

I must go to the palace.”

It was already midnight, and the palace gates had long been shut tight.

However, the Imperial Preceptor had a special status and had an urgent matter to report.

Not only did he enter the palace in the middle of the night, but he also successfully saw the emperor and reported the matter to him.


When the emperor found out that Bai Han had escaped, he was so frightened that his face went pale.

He was extremely panicked.

“What did you say Bai Han escaped How is that possible”

“Your Majesty, Bai Han has indeed escaped.

He cant have escaped alone, though.

Someone must have helped him.

Ive ordered people to investigate the matter.

Many precious spirit herbs have also been lost in the Hundred Herbs Hall.

I think it must have been the person who helped Bai Han escape who stole them.”

“The Imperial Palaces Marrow Cleansing Bath was also stolen not long ago.

Could it be the same person” When the emperor thought about the Marrow Cleansing Bath disappearing, his heart ached.

However, no matter how he searched, he could not find any clues.

He could only accept this matter.

There was no one in the Nanling Empire who could easily enter the palace and steal the entire Marrow Cleansing Bath unless it was someone from another place.

If that was true, things would be bad.

The Marrow Cleansing Bath had been stolen, Bai Han had escaped, and the Nanling Empire was in imminent danger.

“Give the order to capture Bai Han at all costs.

Also, Xue Batian cant stay any longer.”

If it was in the past, he might have left Xue Batian behind because the Nanling Empire was in danger.

However, after this assassination, Xue Batian would no longer be of service to him..

He might even bite back, so he could not be allowed to live.


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