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Xue Fanxin realized that her senses were dozens of times stronger than before.

She was thrilled.

She felt the person beside her.

Opening her eyes, she did not move her body, laying there quietly instead.

Then, she turned her head gently.

The more she watched him, the more she felt that he looked good.

Her Ah Jiu was really handsome.

He was simply too charming!

His skin was so soft, exquisite, fair, smooth, and clean.

It must be very comfortable to touch…

As Xue Fanxin watched, she could not help but start touching him.

She first rubbed his hair, then became bolder.

Tracing his handsome face, she stroked his eyes, nose, and mouth.

She became addicted to touching him.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, Ye Jiushang suddenly said, “Are you satisfied”

“Ah Jiu, you frightened me,” Xue Fanxin said guiltily, but she quickly adapted.

She did not reject being intimate with Ye Jiushang, nor did she think that there was anything wrong with the two of them lying on the same bed.

Even though she was startled, she didnt move.

She stared straight at him and saw the smug and mysterious smile on his face.

The more she looked, the more fascinated she became.

Ye Jiushang also retained the same posture.

The two of them stared at each other and heard each others breathing.

“Did my consort do something wrong that frightened her” Ye Jiushang teased.

He liked to see a certain little woman blush cutely.

“Youre the one who did something wrong!”

“Since my beloved consort didnt do anything wrong, why would she be frightened”

“You suddenly spoke.

Its normal for me to be startled, okay”

“Is that so”


“Alright, alright.

Being touched by my beloved consort is indeed not a bad thing.” Ye Jiushang pinched her nose.

Xue Fanxin wanted to take his hand away, but she was pushed down by a certain lord.

“Ah Jiu, what are you doing”

Ye Jiushang turned over and pressed her down.

Raising her chin with his hand, he smiled evilly.

“I want to do something bad.”

“Be careful not to be struck by lightning if you do anything bad.” Xue Fanxin was not afraid of anything because she believed that he would not do anything overboard to her.

The two of them flirted just like that.

“To be able to do bad things to my beloved consort, Im willing to be struck by lightning.”

“Youre so annoying.”

“Women dont mean what they say.”

“Im not talking to you anymore.

Get up already.

I cant breathe from the pressure.” Xue Fanxin was a little nervous and panicked.

She was afraid that Ye Jiushang would not be able to control himself, so she gently pushed him away.

Ye Jiushang was indeed having a hard time.

He had no choice but to bear with all kinds of impulses and get up.

He lay on his side like before.

“Xiner, Ill definitely fatten you up and start eating you up soon.”

“Do you think Im a pig”

“If you were a pig, you would be a cute pig.”

“Youre the pig.

Your entire family is pigs.”

“My entire family includes you.”

“You… Im not talking to you anymore.

Im so hungry.

Im going to eat.”

A certain lords eloquence was top-notch.

He either didnt speak or when he did, he could kill people with his words.

Ye Jiushang did not stop her.

He stood by the side and gazed at her quietly.

Suddenly, he sensed that something was wrong with her aura and asked solemnly, “Xiner, what happened when you were unconscious”


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