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Although Ye Jiushang had said a lot, the Ghost King was getting more and more confused.

His mind was in a mess, and he could not clear the fog.

He felt that everything was in a tangled web.


His mother was from the Shi Clan…

His mother was a Star Diviner…

His mothers Life Spirit had been taken away by his father…

His mothers soul had been exchanged for an Asura Black Badge by his father…

In other words, his mother had been killed by his father…

The Ghost King finally sorted his thoughts and obtained an outcome.

The result shocked him and was difficult to accept.

If he were in an ordinary family, he would definitely have serious doubts.

However, he knew very well how heartless the imperial family was.

A woman of the imperial family could be sacrificed for profits at any time.

Therefore, he did not doubt the authenticity of this matter.

He did not even have to do any verification to believe such a thing.

Ye Jiushang did not care how much the Ghost King could understand and explained his intentions, “Ill leave this place soon.

I need to resolve all the matters here.

The assassins yesterday were the work of your good father.

The Asura Black Badge that was exchanged with your mothers life was used by your father to deal with me.

Before I leave, Ill definitely give him a huge gift.”

“What do you want Do you want his life” the Ghost King asked coldly, not caring about the Heavenly Saints Emperor.

Even if he did not know the truth about his mothers death, he did not care too much about his father.

How could he care about a heartless father

He did not care in the past, and he did not care now.

He wished he could die.

“With you around, I believe that he will definitely wish he was dead.”

“Is this why you told me the truth To get someone else to do your dirty work”

“Yes.” Ye Jiushang did not deny it.

He stood up and turned his back to the Ghost King.

“You were born from Consort Qi.

Half of her bloodline flows in your body.

Its very likely that you will inherit her talent.

Therefore… you have to be careful.

Dont be like your mother and have your Life Spirit snatched away.”

“What do you mean” The Ghost King wanted to ask more, but there was no one in front of him.

He did not even know how Ye Jiushang had left.

His heart was chaotic.

He did not doubt a single word Ye Jiushang said.

He inexplicably believed him.

Was there a need to lie to a person who dared to directly admit to using others to kill him

“Mother, I will take revenge for you.

No matter who killed you, even if its Father, Ill not let him off.”

The Ghost King left with overflowing hatred and killing intent.

Before long, Ye Jiushang received the news that the Ghost King had led people into the palace.

He was quite satisfied with this outcome.

If the Heavenly Saints Emperor dared to have ill intentions toward him, he would have to pay a heavy price.

“Xiner, do you want the Heavenly Saints Emperor dead or alive” After Ye Jiushang finished chatting with the Ghost King, he returned to Xue Fanxin and spoke to the sleeping person.

His gentle smile carried a chill that made peoples blood run cold.

Xue Fanxin could not hear anything, but her consciousness was in a strange state.

She seemed to be sleeping, but she was also awake.

She floated in a golden palace as if she was in a dream.

A red flower suddenly flew over as if it had forcefully barged into this world and was being rejected.

This flower was the spider lily that lived in Xue Fanxins consciousness.

The spider lily was repelled by a powerful force.

Helpless, it released a thought to Xue Fanxin as if it was asking her for help.


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