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When the Asura Warrior fell, Ruying and Little Lei watched in a daze.

They could not react for a while and kept staring at the body, afraid that he would get up again.

However, the Asura Warrior did not move.

He lay on the ground motionless like a dead person.

“Is he dead” Little Lei could not help but ask.

“I dont know,” Ruying replied and went to investigate.

He carefully reached out and touched the Asura Warrior.

He realized that his body was extremely cold, and his flesh was not as hard as before.

Ordinary blades could cut through it now.

Could this be the result of the Asura Warrior exhausting his strength

Xue Fanxin had recovered a bit of energy.

She stood up and walked over.

Taking out a dagger, she cut open the Asura Warriors heart and took out the energy source.

It was a crystal that had lost its color and was the size of an egg.

“What is this” Little Lei looked at the crystal and touched it curiously.

Unexpectedly, the dim crystal shattered.

Little Lei thought that he might be in trouble.

He said nervously, “Hey, I didnt do it on purpose.

Who knew that this lousy crystal would break with a light touch I really only touched it gently.”

Xue Fanxin did not mind.

She put the pieces in her storage bag and said, “Go and capture another Asura Warrior, just like before.”

Ruying understood her plan, and Little Lei quickly reacted.

The two of them rushed out again and worked together to capture an Asura Warrior.

With one less Asura Warrior, the pressure on Ye Jiushang decreased a little.

However, he still had to fight eight people alone.

His stamina had been greatly exhausted.

Eight Asura Warriors made it difficult for him to resist.

Yet, he had to.

This was because he knew that Xue Fanxin had come up with a solution.

He had to stall for time.

Anyway, he just had to dodge the attacks.

He would not consume too much energy if he did not strike back.

Ye Jiushang had a new strategy, and Xue Fanxin was also busy doing her thing.

When Ruying and Little Lei captured another Asura Warrior, she used the same method as before.

She first used the time rule to stop the energy source, then performed the acupuncture.

This time, she spent a little less time than last time.

Although she was tired, it was worth it.

After dealing with the second Asura Warrior, Ruying and Little Lei went to catch the third, fourth, and fifth.

When they caught the sixth one, Xue Fanxin was spent.

Her vision turned black, and she collapsed from exhaustion.

“Hey, whats wrong” Little Lei was frightened when he saw Xue Fanxin collapse.

Ruying panicked and was at a loss.

Ye Jiushang could roughly guess the reason for her collapse.

His heart ached.

He only needed to deal with the four Asura Warriors now.

Coupled with the fact that the energy consumed by these Asura Warriors was almost enough, there was no suspense in the subsequent battle.

He increased his attacks and planned to finish off these foes before looking at Xue Fanxin.

“Ruying, Little Lei, attack together.”

Ruying was panicking.

When he heard Ye Jiushangs orders, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He threw out the Asura Warrior who was still lying on the ground and joined the fight.

It turned out that the legendary Asura Warriors were not that magical.


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