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Xue Fanxin was sleeping, unaware of the ongoing assault.

She had been busy during the day, especially helping Xue Batian force out the puppet Gu.

It had consumed a lot of her energy and then sorted the pill formulas.

Hence, once she hit the bed, she immediately slipped into the dreamland.

However, she could not sleep well.

Although exhausted, she would wake up every now and then.

Just when she was about to go into a deep sleep, she would wake up inexplicably, feeling a little frustrated.

What was going on

After investigating carefully, she realized that the Supreme Badge in her dantian was emitting an intense red light like the noon sun, making her uncomfortable.

“Whats happening” Xue Fanxin used her divine sense to investigate her dantian and tried to touch the Supreme Badge.

She found it hot, but except for that, there was nothing wrong with it.

This heat was disturbing her.

She could not sleep well.

“What are you trying to express”

The red light emitted by the Supreme Badge became stronger, and the temperature increased.

In the beginning, Xue Fanxin could still touch it, but later on, it was too hot to touch.

Her mind was filled with question marks.

She really could not understand what was going on with the Supreme Badge.

Hence, she got out of bed and changed, planning to ask Ye Jiushang or the little white tiger.

Right then, a commotion sounded from outside the door.

It was a little chaotic.

What was going on now

Xue Fanxin put on her clothes and opened the door.

She saw that the Night Shadow Guards had all come to her courtyard.

There were also some maidservants who had been frightened silly.

They were all trembling in the corner, looking like they had seen a nightmare.

“Zhuri, what happened Why arent you sleeping What are you doing in my courtyard”

“Your Highness…” Zhuri was about to explain the situation, but at that moment, a huge explosion came from the front.

He could even see flames and lightning surging into the sky.

Following that, the ground trembled a few times.

It could be seen that something huge had happened.

Xue Fanxin became nervous.

“Zhuri, whats going on”

“Your Highness, ten powerful people have barged into the Lords Estate and went on a killing spree.

They came too abruptly, and we couldnt react at all.

If it werent for His Highness, Im afraid wed have died long ago.

Now, His Highness is fighting the assassins alone.

He asked me to bring people over to protect you—”

Before Zhuri could finish, Xue Fanxin charged toward the front courtyard.

An assassin who could cause such a huge commotion must not be simple.

She could not let Ah Jiu face it alone.

Even if her strength was minuscule, she still had to go.

If there was really any danger, she would hide in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space…

With this in mind, Xue Fanxin ran to the front yard without hesitation.

Zhuri was fraught with worry.

Helpless, he planned to bring the Night Shadow Guards to the front courtyard again.

Just as he was about to leave, a shadow-like person appeared in front of him and said coldly, “If you bring people over at this time, you will undoubtedly die.

All of you, stay here.

No one is going out.”

“Who are you”

Ruying did not answer Zhuri, turning around and leaving instead.

After a while, Little Leis complaining sounds could be heard.

“Ruying, you bastard.

Why are you up in the middle of the night Why are you disturbing my sleep Hey, hey, hey, why are you carrying me Quickly put me down.”


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