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Xue Fanxin used the needle technique to force the puppet Gu out.

Then, she took out a pill and fed it to Xue Batian.

Zhu Hai saw everything.

Seeing Xue Fanxins strange acupuncture technique and the pill she took out, he was shocked and could not help but ask, “What acupuncture technique did you use just now What pill is that Where did you obtain it”

Before Xue Fanxin could respond, Little Lei jumped in.

“Hey, hey, hey, youre as annoying as that bastard Xiao Muyan.

Youre asking about her acupuncture technique too.

How annoying.

Have you ever seen anyone tell others about their secret abilities”

“You…” Zhu Hai was rendered speechless.

He was still thinking about Xue Fanxins strange acupuncture technique.

His greed suddenly surged, forgetting about the revenge.

He only desired that acupuncture technique.

Even if he wanted revenge, he had to obtain that acupuncture technique first.

Otherwise, killing these two little bastards would be letting them off too easily.


Little Lei could tell at a glance that Zhu Hai had other thoughts.

“You should stop fantasizing.

Those things will not happen.

Xiao Muyan also wanted to learn this acupuncture technique, but he was sent flying by me.

His luck seems to be good though.

He survived.

I wonder if your luck will be as good as his”

“So it was you.” Only now did Zhu Hai know who was in front of him.

He was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Wasnt he here in Heavenly Saints City to deal with those people from the Ninth Lords Estate Now that they were standing in front of him, he could not do anything to them…

Before this, he had never thought that these people would be such a hard bone to chew.

He had even thought that if there was really no other way, he could send out hero invitations and get the various heroes in the Tongxuan Realm to help him deal with these people.

But now…

It seemed like he had thought too simply of things.

How could someone who could put Xiao Muyan in such a miserable state be someone ordinary

“Hey, hey, hey, I already said that you should stop your daydreams.

Why are you still thinking about it” Little Lei saw that Zhu Hai was deep in thought and insisted on disturbing him.

“Do you people from the Blue Sea Villa like to let your thoughts run wild You always think that theres nothing in this world that you cant do.

But do you know how big this world is The thinking of a frog at the bottom of a well is indeed difficult to understand!”

“You said Im a frog in a well”

“What are you otherwise A small Blue Sea Villa cant even compare to a tiny mountain in the Medicine God Valley Sect.

How dare you brag here Arent you afraid of blowing your trumpet”

“What kind of place is the Medicine God Valley” Zhu Hai searched for news about the Medicine God Valley in his mind, but there was nothing.

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He was certain that there was no such place as the Medicine God Valley in the Tongxuan Realm.

“You want to know I wont tell you.”

“You…” Zhu Hai was angered by Little Leis words again and wanted to kill him.

He finally reacted.

The current situation was disadvantageous to him.

The puppet Gu had been taken out, and he had no bargaining chip now…

Xue Fanxin was treating Xue Batian earlier.

Although she had used a needle technique to kill the worm, Xue Batian was in a bad state.

He was in a coma.

She had spent a lot of effort to stabilize his condition.

After finishing the most important thing, it was time to settle scores.

“Ye Yi, help me take care of Grandpa.” Xue Fanxin handed Xue Batian to Ye Yi.

Then, she turned to face Zhu Hai and said with a sinister smile, “You are the deputy villa lord of the Blue Sea Villa”

“So what if I am If you know whats good for you, then obediently kowtow and admit your mistake.

Also, give up that little bastards life and your acupuncture technique.



Before he could finish, she cut him off.

“Ha… Deputy Master, right How likely do you think you can walk out of the First Restaurant alive”

“What do you mean”

“Idiot, I mean youre dead meat.” Little Lei mimicked Xue Fanxins smile and looked like he was waiting to see a good show.

“I am the deputy villa lord of the Blue Sea Villa.

In front of so many witnesses, what can you do to me Forget about killing me, even if you hurt me, this matter will spread to the Blue Sea Villa.

At that time, you will be in even more trouble.” Zhu Hai was actually in a panic, but he still wanted to maintain his face.

He kept using the signboard of the Blue Sea Villa, borrowing its prestige to scare people.

This move had been useful no matter where it was.

It would be the same this time.

“Then Ill destroy the Blue Sea Villa too,” Xue Fanxin said fearlessly.

Her hatred for those bastards had already reached the extreme.

She had not provoked them, but they insisted on finding trouble with her.

Even more detestable was that they had attacked her dearest grandfather.

This was absolutely unforgivable.

It was not only her grandfather but also her good friend, Gu Jinyuan.

He had almost been killed by the Blue Sea Villa.

How could she let them off

“Little girl, youre really arrogant.

Youre boasting shamelessly.

The Blue Sea Villa has gathered the best alchemists in the Tongxuan Realm.

Do you think you have the ability to destroy them Forget about the fact that the Blue Sea Villa itself is very powerful, the experts everywhere in the Tongxuan Realm wont allow you to do this.”

“Its just a place to refine pills.

If there are better places to provide pills, do you think the Blue Sea Villa can still be as impressive as before”

“Hmph, where can there be a place better than the Blue Sea Villa in the Tongxuan Realm Little girl, I think you dont understand the Tongxuan Realm too well.”

“Is that so” Xue Fanxin smiled.

She casually took out a bottle of pills and poured them out in front of everyone.

Throwing them into the crowd, she gave them out for free.

“I have quite a few pills here.

I guarantee theyll be a hundred times better than yours.”

“You…” Zhu Hai was so angry that he was about to vomit blood.

The people who had obtained the pills looked overjoyed as if they had obtained some treasure, making him even more anxious.

Although he had not obtained those pills, he could tell that the quality of those pills was not low.

Even he could not refine them.

Where did this damned girl get so many pills

No matter where this girl came from or how capable she was, he had to get rid of her.

Not only to take revenge for his son but also for the Blue Sea Villa.

If an even better place for medicinal pills appeared in the Tongxuan Realm, their Blue Sea Villa would be in danger.


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