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When Little Lei got angry, even ghosts would be afraid of him.

He did not know fear, nor did he care how much trouble he caused.

He would not be bothered even if the sky was pierced.

He was a classic example of fighting without caring about the consequences.

Adding in his anger, he attacked without restraint and could casually slap people to death.

Zhu Hai watched as more and more of his subordinates died.

He was also quite injured.

Only now did he begin to panic.

But he did not intend to let Little Lei off just like that.

Instead, he thought of another way to deal with him.

Soon, he noticed Xue Batian, who was standing motionless by the side.

Coming up with an idea, he activated the puppet Gu in Xue Batians body…

Xue Batian attacked Little Lei ruthlessly.

He was now a killing machine without any emotions.

He ordered him to kill whoever he wanted.

If it were anyone else, Little Lei would definitely not show mercy.

But he could not fight with Xue Batian.

He was worried about hurting him.

Therefore, when Xue Batian attacked him, he could only dodge.

“Grandpa Xue, whats wrong with you Im Little Lei.

Why did you hit me”

Seeing the effectiveness, Zhu Hai regained his confidence.

He stood by the side to watch the commotion and laughed wildly.

“Haha… Rascal, kill me! Why arent you killing me now Quickly kill me! Haha…”

“You bad man, I definitely wont let you off.” Little Lei dodged Xue Batians attack and wanted to kill Zhu Hai.

Just as he was about to attack, Zhu Hai suddenly said, “If you kill me, he will also die, because the mother Gu is on me.

Once it dies, the child Gu will accompany it.”

Little Lei did not know what the mother Gu and child Gu were.

However, he knew that if he killed Zhu Hai, Xue Batian would very likely suffer, so he stopped at the critical moment.

However, Zhu Hai took advantage of the opportunity and secretly gave Xue Batian a kill order.

Xue Batian was under the control of the puppet Gu and had no consciousness.

He only knew to follow orders.

If Zhu Hai wanted him to kill Little Lei, he would kill him.

Little Leis guard against Xue Batian was too low.

He was also in the midst of thinking just now, so he was careless and suffered a palm strike.

Fortunately, his cultivation level was high and his body was sturdy.

Even Xue Batians full force attack only caused him a small injury.

“Grandpa Xue, youre hurting me.”

Zhu Hai was quite shocked when he saw that Xue Batians all-out attack had only caused the young man a bit of pain.

He suddenly had a feeling that killing this young man would be very difficult.

If he lost his bargaining chip, he would definitely be killed, so he had to cherish the old man.

With this in mind, Zhu Hai no longer let Xue Batian attack Little Lei.

Instead, he summoned him back and used him as a hostage to threaten Little Lei.

“If you want to save him, then commit suicide.

Hes been poisoned by my puppet Gu.

Unless Im willing to take it out, he can only be my puppet for the rest of his life.

Even if I want him to commit suicide, he will do so without a frown.”

“You bastard, you bastard.

My master and his woman wont let you off.

Just wait for death.” Little Lei was even more helpless.

He could not listen to Zhu Hai and commit suicide, but he could not ignore Xue Batian either.

In the end, he could only wait for Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin to resolve this problem.

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“Its the same even if your master comes.

Hes been poisoned by my puppet Gu.

No one can save him, apart from me.”

“That might not be the case.”

A crisp voice filled with anger sounded from outside the First Restaurant.


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