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For some reason, the news that Ye Jiushang had thrown Young Master Wuchen into the latrine had spread.

But the identity of the Lord of Ye Jiushangs Nine Cloud Palace was miraculously concealed.

Not many people knew of it.

Apart from a few trusted aides, even very few of the Night Shadow Guards in the Ninth Lords Estate were aware of his other identity.

Xue Batian, on the other hand, knew.

He was even more curious about Ye Jiushangs identity.

During dinner, he asked, “Little Ye, what kind of identity is the Lord of the Nine Cloud Palace I dont know you very well now.

Im not at ease handing my precious granddaughter to someone I dont know.”

Before Ye Jiushang could answer, Xue Fanxin was anxious to explain for him.

“Grandpa, I believe in Ah Jiu.

No matter what his identity is, he is Ah Jiu.

Thats enough.

Nothing else is important.”

“Little brat, youre always on his side.

Be careful not to suffer.”

“Since Ive chosen him, I have to trust him.

True feelings have to be built on trust between each other, or problems will easily arise.”

Ye Jiushang was touched and said, “Grandpa, my identity is a little complicated.

Its not something that can be explained in a few words.

Nine Cloud Palace is a force that I established at the peak of the Mystic World.

In the future, Ill take you there.”

“The peak of the Mystic World” Xue Batian was shocked.

He looked at Ye Jiushang in a daze, making everyone a little puzzled and nervous.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly turned into an old urchin and said with a smile, “Future grandson-in-law! No matter where you go, you cant abandon an old man like me, okay”

He had a feeling that following this grandson-in-law would definitely broaden his horizons.

The peak of the Mystic World was the highest place on the Tongxuan Continent.

For people like them in the Tongxuan Realm, no one had been able to go to that place for hundreds or thousands of years.

Many people did not even know that such a place even existed.

If he had not accidentally heard his parents mention it when he was young, he would not have known about it.

He had not expected to have the chance to go to the top of the Tongxuan Continent at his age.

Just the thought of it made him excited.

“Grandpa, dont worry.

No matter where I go, Ill take you with me.

I wont leave you alone.” Xue Fanxin only cared about Xue Batian.

They had been together for so many years, so she could not leave Grandpa alone.

“Alright, alright, alright.

Haha… I didnt dote on you for nothing.” Xue Batian was too happy and kept laughing.

He suddenly noticed that Little Lei was very quiet today, so he asked, “Little Lei, why arent you saying anything Are you in a bad mood”

“Im in a very good mood, but… you guys continue chatting.

Ill continue eating…” Little Lei took advantage of the fact that everyone was chatting and kept eating.

His mouth never stopped.

He wished these people could talk more so that he could eat more.

If he went to the Mystic World in the future, that idiot woman would be busy cultivating.

It might not be easy to eat the delicious food she made, so he had to eat when he had the chance.

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Only then did Xue Batian realize that the dishes on the table had almost been cleaned.

He immediately snatched the food from him.

“You brat, you actually want to eat alone.

How detestable.

This plate of red braised meat is mine.

Youre not allowed to eat it again.”

“Why Is your name on it”

“Ill write it down.”

“Then well talk about it when you can write it.” Little Lei flashed, snatched the red braised meat over, and started eating it quickly.

Xue Batian was indignant.

“Return the red braised meat to me.”

The old and young started to snatch food again.


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