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Bai Wuchen only wanted to see Xue Fanxin and ask her for an answer.

Who knew that meeting her would be so difficult The people from the Ninth Lords Estate blocked him left and right, refusing to let him in.

Initially, he had wanted to patiently resolve this problem, but he was really angry today.

His mind was a mess, and he started arguing with the people from the Lords Estate.

In the end, the matter blew up, and his anger surged.

To help that little woman, Xue Fanxin, he had not hesitated to mobilize the three great sects.

After doing so much, did he not even have the right to see her

Zhuri and the others did not spread the news that Xue Fanxin was not in the Lords Estate.

No matter who came to seek an audience, they rejected everyone with the excuse that she was in seclusion.

Bai Wuchen got furious after repeated attempts.

Not only did he barge into the Ninth Lords Estate, but he also fought.

Many Night Shadow Guards were injured as a result.

No one in the Ninth Lords Estate was Bai Wuchens match.

Even Zhuri had been defeated.

“I must see your consort today, or Ill flatten this Ninth Lords Estate.”

Right then, Xue Fanxin happened to return to the Lords Estate.

Ye Jiushang was obviously here too.

The moment he returned, he noticed the strange situation here.

Although they were not present, with Ye Jiushang and Little Leis ability, forget about a small Ninth Lords Estate, they could sense even half of Heavenly Saints City if they wanted to.

Therefore, they quickly knew who was causing trouble.

“Master, that Young Master Feces Pit is here.

Should we throw him into the feces pit again” When Little Lei thought of how Bai Wuchen had been soaked in the feces pit for a night, he found it funny.

He couldnt help but want to do it again.

This Young Master Feces Pit was really something.

Of all people, he had to provoke his master.

He was really stupid.

He deserved to be unlucky.

“Young Master Feces Pit Bai Wuchen is here” Xue Fanxins cultivation level was not high, and her divine sense had not been cultivated, so she could not sense what was happening around the estate.

However, after hearing Little Leis words, she could make a rough guess.

Presumably, Bai Wuchen, that guy with severe mysophobia and arrogance, was looking for trouble again.

There was going to be a good show.

“Lets go.

I want to see if that Bai Wuchen wants to bathe in the feces pit again.”

Hearing Ye Jiushangs sinister words, Xue Fanxin and Little Lei glanced at each other.

Their bodies trembled as they mourned for a certain clean freak.

That unlucky guy might end up in a feces pit again.

“Woman, do you think that Young Master is going to soak in the feces pit again” Little Lei softly asked Xue Fanxin from behind.

Xue Fanxin replied in a low voice, “I think theres an 80% chance.

Ah Jiu doesnt seem to be in a good mood.”

A certain lord was terrifying even when he was in a good mood, but when he was in a bad mood, he was like a demon from hell.

Whoever provoked him at this time could only wait for death.

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Bai Wuchen only knew that Xue Fanxin and Little Lei were related to the Nine Cloud Palace, but he did not know their relationship with it, nor did he know that a certain lord was the Lord of the Nine Cloud Palace.

Therefore, he was still causing a ruckus in the outer courtyard.

He had made up his mind to see Xue Fanxin today, or he would not let the matter rest.

But suddenly, he felt an incomparably powerful aura nearby.

It seemed a little familiar as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Right, this was the aura of the Master of the Nine Cloud Palace.


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