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The white-clothed man was rendered speechless.

Although he was still nervous, he felt that the man called Ye Jiushang was very dangerous.

Huaying was already weak and could not withstand any wind or waves.

She had to be protected properly, or the remnant soul would dissipate.

Was entrusting Huaying to these people a wrong decision

However, only the power of nirvana could save Huaying now.

He had no choice.

He hoped that this girl called Xue Fanxin could save Huaying and the billions of living beings in the Xiaoyao Domain.

Xue Fanxin did not have so many considerations.

She only knew that her master had asked her to protect the remnant soul in this spider lily, a pitiful young woman.

“Ah Jiu, forget it.

Since this is Masters idea, well do as he says.

This spider lily is in my consciousness, so there shouldnt be any problem.”

“I dont care whose idea it is.

If it harms you, Ill not allow them to exist.” Ye Jiushangs attitude was firm.

If not for the appearance of Xue Fanxins master, he would have long thought of a way to get rid of the equinox flower.

Xiner had a supreme treasure on her and was a genius with an excellent foundation.

If others found out about this, there would definitely be countless people spying on her.

He could not let an unknown remnant soul stay on Xiner forever.

“Dont worry, Ill be careful.

If anything happens with that spider lily, Ill kill her before you can do anything.”

Although the story of Luo Huaying was tragic and touching, it did not mean that she would sacrifice herself for a pitiful person.

It was fine if she only paid a small price that she could bear, but if she hurt her roots or loved ones, that was impossible.

Xue Fanxin observed the spider lily carefully and realized that it was the same as the Supreme Badge in her dantian.

It only stayed here quietly and did not affect her at all.

Perhaps she was thinking too much.

Since her master had agreed to this, there shouldnt be too much of a problem.

How could her master harm her

Ye Jiushang knew that this could only be put aside for the time being, so he did not say anything else.

However, he had other plans.

After returning, the first thing he had to do was to find a way to deal with the remnant soul hidden in her sea of consciousness.

Especially without harming her main body, he had to accurately and safely get that remnant soul out.

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“Ah Jiu, let the nature take its course.

Lets not always think of things in a bad way.

Perhaps there will be a good development.

I choose to believe in Master and that he wont harm me.

Please believe in my master too.

At least believe in him once.”

“Alright, Ill believe him this once.

Ill let this equinox flower stay in your consciousness for the time being.” Although Ye Jiushang said that he believed her, he was still suspicious.

Perhaps he cared too much about Xiner and could not tolerate anything happening to her; that was why he was so nervous.

No matter what the reason was, Xiner was the most important.

Nothing else mattered.

“Dont worry, dont worry.

You have to believe me.

In your opinion, am I someone who can be defeated so easily” Xue Fanxin smiled playfully at Ye Jiushang and teased him, lest he always had a tense expression.

Ye Jiushang smiled helplessly and stroked Xue Fanxins head.

He did not say anything.


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