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Not only was the spider lily blown away, but even Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang were the same.

The two of them looked carefully and realized that they had returned.

“Ah Jiu, where is this” Xue Fanxin was a little dizzy.

She looked at the white space in front of her and had no idea where it was.

“This is your sea of consciousness.

Dont you know” Ye Jiushang knocked Xue Fanxins head to wake her up.

“Sea of consciousness This is my consciousness”

“You havent started cultivating your divine sense yet, so you naturally dont know about the sea of consciousness.

Although your cultivation level is low, your talent is extraordinary and not something ordinary people can compare to.

Knowing your sea of consciousness and cultivating the divine sense in advance shouldnt be difficult for you.

Your sea of consciousness is currently in chaos form.

Its the most powerful and mysterious form among all the sea of consciousness forms, but its also the most unstable.

Whether the sea of consciousness in chaos form can become stronger will depend on your own fortune.

It will be the strongest, and it will be the weakest.”

“I dont quite understand.”

“Youll comprehend in the future.

Now is not the time to think about this.

What do you plan to do with that flower” Ye Jiushang looked ahead at the spider lily floating in the air.

It seemed like this flower was planning to stay in Xiners sea of consciousness, wishing to use her power to protect its soul.

If he was not wrong, that story just now was to gain their sympathy and make them willingly protect it.

No matter how tragic the woman called Luo Huaying was, it had nothing to do with him.

He only cared about Xue Fanxin.

If protecting the soul of this flower would harm Xiner, he would never allow it.

“I seem to understand a little now.

Because that woman called Luo Huaying was in love with her master, she suffered the punishment of having her soul destroyed.

Later, that white-clothed man used some unknown method to protect a wisp of the Luo Huayings remnant soul, which is now in this spider lily.

In that case, this flower is Luo Huaying.” Xue Fanxin was not stupid.

She perceived a little after linking these things together.

Luo Huaying wanted to use her power to recover, or rather, someone wanted to use her power to help Luo Huaying.

She felt that the latter was more likely because the current Luo Huaying only had a little remnant soul left.

It did not even have consciousness.

How could it do these things

Hence, someone must be up to no good.

If not for someone playing tricks, how could the spider lily appear in the Spirit Origin Mountain Range

“Its very difficult to protect an incomplete soul.

It might absorb the power of your soul to nourish itself.

After all, remnant souls are remnant souls.

They no longer have their own bodies.

When these remnant souls recover to a certain extent, if they have evil thoughts, they might possess you.

Especially when they encounter a body with a treasure and extraordinary talent, not many remnant souls can resist such temptation.”

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The more Ye Jiushang thought about it, the more he felt that this matter was too risky.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to think of a way to extract the equinox flower out of Xiners consciousness.

Just as he was thinking about how to get this flower out, he suddenly heard a voice.

“Help her.”

Xue Fanxin was extremely shocked.

She shouted in surprise, “Master…”


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