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Xue Fanxin came to the martial arts arena and saw that Huaying was nailed to the stone bed with four nails.

Blood was flowing out little by little, and there seemed to be some array formation set up that kept taking away her life force.

Huaying lay on the stone bed.

Her mouth kept working hard.

As long as she had some strength, she would speak.

Her tone was filled with anticipation and confusion, as well as unwillingness and hatred.

“Why cant I be with Master Why wont you let me be with Master Master, Huaying is in so much pain, and Huaying is so tired.

Where are you

“Master, are you also imprisoned by them


A loud voice sounded from the air, but the speaker was nowhere to be seen.

“The criminal, Luo Huaying, has fallen in love with her master.

She doesnt know how to repent and has committed a heinous crime.

She will be punished with the Soul Dispelling Nails.”

When Xue Fanxin heard these words, she said angrily, “Its just a master and disciple relationship.

How did it become a heinous crime Because of this reason, a couple was torn apart and their lives were cruelly taken away.

Which bastard is so cold-blooded and heartless”

“Some sects strictly forbid disciples from having a relationship with their master.

Once discovered, they will be severely punished.

At best, their cultivation will be crippled, and at worst, their souls will be destroyed.

The punishment this woman received should be the most serious.

The result will be her soul annihilation.” Ye Jiushang knew quite a lot about sects, so he could tell at a glance what array formation was set up on the stone bed under Luo Huaying.

That was the Soul Dispelling Formation.

Coupled with the Soul Dispelling Nails, it would wipe out a persons soul from this world.

No matter what, it would be impossible to find it again.

This was usually the highest punishment in the sect.

But no matter how serious her crime was, a woman who was in love with her master should not suffer such a harsh punishment.

“Theyre really detestable.

How can they use such a cruel and vicious punishment on that young woman” Xue Fanxin looked at Huaying gradually dying on the stone bed.

The scene changed again.

In the blink of an eye, Xue Fanxin had arrived at another location, a mysterious place with blooming spider lilies.

A man in white had his back facing Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang.

He said to a spider lily in front of him, “Huaying, this is all I can do for you.

Whether you can revive or not depends on your luck.

Fuyan has already become a demon.

Now, the only person in this world who can save him and these ten million living beings is you.

You have to work hard, okay The power of the Soul Locking Crystal has been exhausted.

I can only send your remnant soul into the flower now and use its power to protect your soul.”

The white-clothed man took out a wisp of Luo Huayings remnant soul from the white crystal in his hand and sent it into a spider lily.

Along with a powerful spirit technique, he set up a protective array in the surroundings.

He waited for a long time before leaving.

From then on, the white-clothed man never appeared again.

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Spring passed and autumn came.

The four seasons changed.

After many years, the spider lily bloomed more and more beautifully, and its spirituality became stronger.

However, it was still only a flower, no different from the other spider lilies here.

After countless years, the white-clothed man finally returned.

He moved the spider lily carrying the Falling Flower Shadow out of the soil and planted it in a special potted plant.

He planned to take the flower away, but after a few steps, a strong wind suddenly blew.

The spider lily that had just been transplanted into the potted plant was blown away by the wind and disappeared…



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