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After Ye Jiushang took the Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill, his injuries had already mostly healed.

He could return to the Ninth Lords Estate now, but he was not in a hurry.

He planned to stay here for a few days, spending time with the little woman he loved.

He wanted to live a life that only belonged to them.

He knew her personality very well.

If they went back, her attention would be placed on other things.

It would be difficult for her to look at him like now.

Most importantly, he had to protect her well.

Otherwise, if he was not careful, she would be snatched away, especially by that Lord of the Nether City.

He was an absolute enemy.

Xue Fanxin was not in a hurry to go back either.

Firstly, she was worried about Ye Jiushangs injuries.

Secondly, she wanted to relax.

After all, too many things had happened recently, and there were endless troubles.

Upon returning, she still had a bunch of things to deal with.

She wanted to take advantage of the moment to have fun, treating it as a picnic.

The Spirit Origin Mountain Range was a beautiful place.

Although a huge battle had destroyed it, some activities were still quite interesting.

For example, catching fish and snails by the stream, roasting chickens and sweet potatoes in the dirt pile, searching for treasures in the ruins, and so on.

They were a good time pass.

At this moment, Xue Fanxin was tying her skirt and rolling up her pants.

She walked barefoot in the stream and searched for the snail inside, thinking of making fried conch to eat.

When Little Lei heard about it, he helped to find conchs very diligently.

He was especially interested in delicious food that he had never eaten before.

He happily searched for snails in the stream and even used the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace as a container to store them.

If it was not enough, he would make the furnace turn bigger.

Anyway, no matter how many conchs he found, the furnace could hold them all.

The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace followed Little Lei.

If Xue Fanxin found too many stone snails, it would also fly over and pretend to be one, doing its best to serve everyone, not caring at all that the snails had made it smell bad.

“Hey, is this thing really eatable It looks ugly and has a hard shell.

One is only so little.

How can it be eaten” Little Lei was suspicious about whether this snail could be eaten.

It was so hard and small.

How could they eat it

“Youll know if its edible when I make it.

This is a wild snail.

The environment it grows in is so good, so the taste must be excellent.

However, you cant eat it so quickly.

You have to soak it for a few days and get rid of the mud inside before you can eat it.”

“Thats troublesome.”

“It is, but its worth it! There are also preparations for the side dishes.

I havent made the sour bamboo shoots yet!”

“Can sour bamboo shoots be eaten”

“Of course.

Anyway, just wait and see.

Find it for me now.” Xue Fanxin stopped wasting time and continued her search.

Right then, a red flower by the shore attracted her attention.

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A beautiful red flower was growing in the cracks of a few large rocks.

It faintly emitted a strange red light.

Its petals moved slightly as if greeting someone.

Xue Fanxin walked over and looked at the red flower carefully.

She felt that it looked like the legendary spider lily.

However, as far as she knew, the spider lily could only be found in places like the Yellow Spring.

No matter how she looked at it, the Spirit Origin Mountain Range did not look like the Yellow Spring.

There shouldnt be any spider lilies growing here, right

“Is this really a spider lily”

With all kinds of doubts and confusion, Xue Fanxin reached out to touch the petals of the red flower to see what kind of flower it was.

Unexpectedly, when her hand approached the petals, the red flower suddenly pounced on her and bit her finger.




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