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Ye Jiushang had come to a small place like the Tongxuan Realm to search for the Phoenix Star.

Now that he had succeeded, he had no reason to stay.

Therefore, some things here should be settled, especially that Ghost King…

“Xiner, do you care about this place”

If she did not have any attachments, once they left, he would say goodbye to this place and probably not return in the future.

“Its not like you dont know my identity.

This is an unfamiliar place to me.

What can I care about Apart from Grandpa, everything else is unimportant.

As for those friends… Theres no banquet that wont end.

Friends will have lives that belong to themselves sooner or later.

We cant stay together forever.”

If she had to talk about friends, apart from Gu Jinyuan, she did not seem to have anyone else here.

Xue Hanxi treated her quite well, but that was all.

No one else had any feelings for her, so she did not have any regrets about leaving this place.

“Then, after we return, Ill end everything here and take you and Grandpa to the Mystic World.”

“Alright, I really want to see the outside world too! Apart from Grandpa, can I bring Zhuri and Fuyun along Also, the Night Shadow Guards are all very good.”

“My consort, if you want to bring them, then bring them.

Ill do as you say.” Taking these people to the Mystic World was an insignificant matter to him.

If he was willing, he could even move the entire Lords Estate.

“Stop it.

You havent told me what Bai Wuchens identity is.” Xue Fanxin finally remembered the question she had asked just now.

She felt that Bai Wuchen was a difficult person to shake off.

In that case, she would understand this guy thoroughly before thinking of a countermeasure to deal with him.

Ye Jiushang said with a look of disdain, “Hes just a rare genius of the Bai family.

His identity is nothing.”

“The Bai family”

“Its not the Bai family of the Heavenly Saints Empire but the Bai family of the Mystic World.

Actually, the four great families of the Heavenly Saints Empire are only outer relatives sent by the Mystic World to earn resources here.

The true four great families are all in the Mystic World and have quite a high status.

Bai Wuchen is a direct descendant of the Bai family and is a rare genius.

His status in the Bai family is extremely high, not something those collateral descendants of the Bai family in Heavenly Saints City can compare to.

If Bai Feng goes to the Bai family of the Mystic World, he can only be a slave.

Do you understand”

“I get it a little.”

It turned out that the four great families in Heavenly Saints City were all tools sent by the higher-ups to earn money and cultivate resources outside.

The Xue family was no exception.

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“Theres no need to think so much.

Even the four great families of the Mystic World are not worthy of my attention.

Therefore, you can do whatever you want with Bai Wuchen.

You dont have to worry so much.” He stroked her head and used his greatest strength to protect her, letting her do whatever she wanted under his wings.

He did not care about the four great clans and three great sects.

“Its not that serious.

Actually, Bai Wuchen is not a bad person.

Hes just a little obsessed with cleanliness and a bit arrogant and conceited.

Everything else is fine!”

“You mean you plan to treat him”

“As long as he can afford it, Ill treat him,” Xue Fanxin said with a sinister smile.

Others could tell at a glance that she was plotting something.

If the Bai family in Heavenly Saints City was already so rich, wouldnt the one in the Mystic World be even more so

If she did not earn a fortune from Bai Wuchen, she would not be Xue Fanxin.


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