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When Xue Fanxin saw Little Leis reaction, she already had an answer in her heart.

That Lord of Nether City must be a powerful figure.

At the very least, he was on par with Ah Jiu and might even be stronger than him.

It seemed like Ah Jiu was in danger.

“Little Lei, hows their battle Who has the upper hand I cant see anything.

Tell me.”

“Theyre too fast.

I cant see them clearly either.

The two of them should still be evenly matched, but Master seems to be injured.”

Xue Fanxin got anxious.

“Ah Jiu is injured Is it serious Is he okay Tell me quickly.”

“Dont worry.

Master has only suffered some minor injuries so far.

It shouldnt be serious.”

“What do you mean so far What do you mean by shouldnt”

“So far, it shouldnt!”

“You…” Xue Fanxin was about to go crazy from anxiety.

She originally wanted to ask Little Lei again, but the sudden explosion in the sky frightened her so much that she stopped talking.

She looked at the two falling lights from the sky, and her heart tightened.

Her gaze kept following them as they landed on the ground one after another, smashing a huge pit in the distance and causing dust to fly everywhere.

“Ah Jiu…”

“Woman, dont go over.

Its very dangerous.” Little Lei pulled Xue Fanxin back.

There was still a very strong spirit energy residue in the pit.

Even he would be injured if he rushed over now, let alone this weakling.


Just as Little Lei had said, when the dust dissipated, the huge pit was filled with all kinds of elemental spirit energy.

It wreaked havoc in the surroundings.

Even the rocks were shattered by these forces, let alone humans.

Although Xue Fanxin was worried about him, she knew that it was useless to charge over.

Instead, she might cause Ye Jiushang to lose focus.

Hence, she tried her best to force herself to wait patiently.

Looking at the elemental spirit energy, she prayed that he was fine.

Only when the destructive power gradually dissipated did she take a step forward.

She first took two slow steps, then ran forward.

This time, Little Lei did not pull her back.

He joined her.

In the pit, two injured men were lying on both sides of the pit in a sorry state.

Even though they were grievously wounded, they were still vigilant and had a strong fighting spirit.

It seemed like they could continue their battle at any moment.

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However, their injuries were already bad.

If they fought again, the outcome would be even more tragic.

“Cough, cough… The Lord of Nine Cloud Palace is indeed worthy of his reputation.” The red-eyed man cleared his throat to hide his heavy injuries, unwilling to show weakness in front of others.

Ye Jiushang was the same.

Although he was in a poor condition, he would not show it.

He forced himself up.

“It takes one to know one.

The Lord of Nether City lives up to his reputation.”

Their battle had been very intense.

In the end, both sides suffered.

No one had gained any benefits.

However, the heavens seemed to be more concerned about Ye Jiushang, because he was not alone.

“Ah Jiu, Ah Jiu… Ah Jiu, how are you Are your injuries serious Let me see.” Xue Fanxin ran into the huge pit and straight for Ye Jiushang.

She only had him in her eyes.

She ignored the Lord of Nether City, who was equally injured, and even treated him as if he did not exist.

When the Lord of Nether City saw this scene, for some reason, he felt a little depressed.


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