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The battle of suppression between Ye Jiushang and the Lord of Nether City caused a huge commotion.

Forget about Little Lei, even ordinary servants were alarmed.

Like the others, Little Lei rushed over, but he was blocked by an invisible wall.

He punched a few times before breaking it and running in.

He happened to see Xue Fanxin looking for him, so he went forward and asked, “Hey, Im here.

What happened Did you fight with someone again”

“Little Lei, can you find Ah Jiu Quickly take me to him.” Xue Fanxins mind was filled with Ye Jiushang.

She was very worried about him, making her anxious and confused.

“Didnt Master return to Nine Cloud Palace Do you want me to take you to Nine Cloud Palace No, no.

With your current ability, you cant go yet.”

“Not to Nine Cloud Palace.

Ah Jiu returned just now and fought with a very powerful person.

I dont know where he went; thats why Im asking you to look for him.

Little Lei, can you sense his location”

“If Master is not at the Nine Cloud Palace, I should be able to sense his location.”

“Then do it.

If you find him, take me there.


“Oh.” Little Lei had yet to figure out the situation, but the chaotic scene made him realize that something huge must have happened.

He did not waste time asking and tried to find Ye Jiushang.

“Master is in the Spirit Origin Mountain Range!”

“The Spirit Origin Mountain Range” Xue Fanxin was no stranger to the place.

She had obtained the Supreme Badge there.

Ah Jiu had gone there


Forget it.

Now was not the time to care about this.

“Little Lei, take me to the Spirit Origin Mountain Range.”

“Alright.” Little Lei cast a secret technique.

Purple light flashed, and in the blink of an eye, the duo had already arrived in the Spirit Origin Mountain Range.

But the place was wrecked.

The originally beautiful scenery presented a nightmarish scene.

There were traces of fighting everywhere, and many places had huge pits left behind.

Even the mountains had been beaten flat, and all kinds of vegetation had been destroyed.

Could this be caused by the fight between Ah Jiu and the Lord of Nether City

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It was even more terrifying than the end of the world.

If they had fought in Heavenly Saints City, the whole city would be razed to the ground.

At that time, countless innocent people would have died.

“Wheres Ah Jiu” Witnessing the aftermath of the battle, Xue Fanxin was even more worried about Ye Jiushang.

Little Lei pulled her back and cast a defense shield to block the rocks that were flying toward her.

Following that, a loud bang sounded.

A powerful explosion occurred on a distant mountaintop.

Two beams of light, one purple and one red, flew out and collided in the sky before separating.

Every collision would cause an extremely great destructive force, destroying everything in the surroundings.

“Oh my god! Who is Master fighting with He actually has to use his full strength” Little Lei stared straight at the two lights in the sky and was astonished.

“Little Lei, is that Lord of Nether City powerful” Xue Fanxin was also looking at the two lights.

Although she could not make out anything, she knew that one of the two lights was the person she was worried about.

“What did you just say The Lord of Nether City” When Little Lei heard the wordsLord of Nether City, he was shocked.

He retracted his gaze and turned to Xue Fanxin, waiting for her confirmation.

If it was really the Lord of Nether City, that would not be fun.


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