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Xue Fanxin roasted fish in her room for most of the day, finishing at least 15 kilograms of Electric Water Eel from day to night.

Yet, Little Lei actually said that he was not full… She finally understood why this guy could eat so much.

He was a dragon.

Even if he transformed into a human, it would not change his nature.

It would be strange if such a large dragon had a small appetite!

“Woman, quickly roast more.

Im still hungry.” Little Lei swayed his slightly large and cute dragon head and happily licked the remaining crumbs by his mouth, looking like he did not have his fill.

Xue Fanxin spread her hands and said while panting, “Im not roasting anymore.

Your stomach is a bottomless pit.

A few dozen kilograms of roasted fish hasnt even fill you up.

Im exhausted.”

Although she liked to cook delicious food, roasting dozens of kilograms of fish at once was a tiring task.

“But Im not full.

Why arent you roasting anymore”

“Cant you see that Im tired I fought with Su Baifeng today and then with Wan Zhihua, and then…”

Then, she met that red-eyed man… She had been through a lot today.

She prepared food for Little Lei before she could treat her injuries.

She was spent now.

She really wanted to have a good sleep.

Xue Batian had also eaten quite a few roasted fish.

As his appetite was not as large as Little Leis, he was already full.

Only now did he remember that there were many things that had happened today.

His precious granddaughter had yet to rest and her injuries were untreated.

His heart immediately ached for her.

“Xiner, go rest.

Dont worry about Little Lei.

He ate dozens of kilograms of roasted fish and wont starve to death anytime soon.

Your body is more important.

Are your injuries okay”

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Little Lei also remembered that Xue Fanxin had been injured by the mother and daughter pair, Wan Zhihua and Su Baifeng, today.

After that, she had been busy taking care of him.

He immediately felt warm and guilty, no longer making a fuss about eating.

He said with concern, “Yeah, you go and rest.

Although Im not full, Im not hungry either.

You dont have to worry about me.”

“Alright, you can roast the rest of the fish yourselves.

Ill go into the space to rest.” Xue Fanxin did not take away the cutlery and ingredients.

She placed them in the room and left Xue Batian and Little Lei to their devices.

As for her, she used her spiritual will and entered the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

There were many daily necessities stored in the space.

It was her otherhome, as well as a comfortable little bed.

Xue Fanxin got some hot water and took a simple bath.

She changed into clean clothes before treating her injuries.

After finishing, she lay on the small bed and slept soundly.

The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace in the space then jumped onto the bed and stayed by her side.

It found a comfortable position and slept with her.

At this moment, the red-eyed man on the top of a certain building had not left.

He was staring in Xue Fanxins direction and sensing the changes in her aura.

However, suddenly, he could no longer sense her aura as if she had disappeared into thin air.

Where had she gone

This little woman shocked him again.

No matter where she went, he would definitely take her away three days later.

At that time, he would not hesitate even if he had to bathe the Ninth Lords Estate in blood.


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