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After Xue Fanxin left the room, she instructed the butler to not let anyone approach her courtyard.

Then, she went to the kitchen, planning to take some ingredients to cook.

The people in the kitchen were busy making dinner.

When they saw Xue Fanxin, they all put down their utensils and greeted her.

“Your Highness, just tell us if you have any demands.

Theres no need to come personally.”

“Its okay, its okay.

Im just here to take some things.

Go do your own thing.

Dont worry about me.” Xue Fanxin walked towards the place where the ingredients were placed, stuffing them into her pocket one by one.

She took whatever she wanted without any hesitation.

The staff knew that Xue Fanxins culinary skills were excellent and that she had the habit of carrying ingredients with her.

They were not surprised to see her take out large amounts of food.

The consort was a good person.

The last time she came to get the ingredients, she had given them quite a lot of fish.

Everyone had a share.

It was very delicious.

After eating it, they felt a lot more energetic, their bodies became much stronger, and their strength also increased.

From what Zhuri and Fuyun said, that was not ordinary fish meat.

If cultivators ate it, they could increase their cultivation level.

If ordinary people ate it, they could extend their lifespans.

It was very precious!

It was not only the kitchen staff.

The guards, servants, and maidservants in the Lords Estate all received some fish meat.

Everyone had a good impression of this consort.

As long as it was something she ordered, they would do their best.

Xue Fanxin had only taken the fish out to share with everyone because there were too many Electric Water Eels.

She did not have any other thoughts.

Since everyone was good to her, she would naturally do the same.

She did not stand on ceremony, taking whatever she needed.

She knew that there were people in the Lords Estate who would restock.

Suddenly, everyone in the kitchen fainted on the ground.

The incident made Xue Fanxin raise her guard.

She looked around for suspicious people.

“Whos behind this Come out!”

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A man in a black brocade robe walked out of the void.

His red eyes were especially striking, and the suffocating aura on his body shunned others.

He was like a king descending upon the world as he walked towards her step by step.

Xue Fanxin was no stranger to this man.

Even if she had only seen him once, she had a deep impression of him.

She could not forget her encounter in the First Restaurant.

She had always had a feeling that this red-eyed man would become a problem in the future.

Initially, she had been hopeful, but now it seemed…

“Its you Young Master, we have no grudge.

What are you doing”

“Its good that you still remember me,” the red-eyed man said with a mysterious smile.

He was satisfied with Xue Fanxins behavior.

He stopped before her and said, “Ill give you two choices.

One is to follow me, and the other is to die.”


“You dont have to be in a hurry to make a choice.

You have three days to consider.

Three days later, Ill come back.

I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer then.


Xue Fanxin wanted to retort, but she realized that she could not speak or move.

This feeling was even more terrifying than when she faced that powerful vengeful spirit.


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