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After Little Lei transformed into a dragon, his appearance changed drastically.

He became a purple dragon that was at least ten meters long.

He was curled up in Xue Fanxins room.

He had stopped cultivating, feeling that his strength had at least doubled.

The pair of purple dragon horns on his head looked a little cute, perhaps because he was still young.

“Girl, Ive become a dragon” Little Lei was not very excited.

He curled up on the bed that he had already crushed and felt restrained.

He wanted to stretch his muscles, but he did not dare to.

His body had become so large that he was no longer human.

If he moved, the room would collapse.

“Thats right! Youve become a dragon.” Xue Fanxin stared at the purple dragon.

Her eyes were wide open, and she had yet to recover.

She could not help but reach out to touch his body.

In the beginning, she did not dare to touch him.

She only probed and realized that the repulsive force was gone.

Only then did she place her hand on his body, touching his purple scales.

She could sense a powerful lightning power.

If others touched the scales, they might be electrocuted to death.

Perhaps it was because Little Lei was kind to her that the lightning did not hurt her.

Little Lei saw that Xue Fanxin was staring at him without speaking.

This made him nervous, panicked, and afraid.

He thought that she hated him.

“Will you despise me Although my appearance has changed, but, but I still…”

He was still Little Lei.

He did not want everyone to dislike him because of his change in looks.

Xue Fanxin shouted excitedly, “Little Lei, you look so handsome, cool, and domineering now! Wow… A dragon… Its really a dragon.

I saw a dragon and even touched him.

This feeling is too exciting.

Wow… A dragon, a purple dragon.

Its so cool!”

Although Little Lei did not understand Xue Fanxins words, he roughly caught the meaning.

They did not mean disdain, but they were all praises.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

He was no longer worried about getting abandoned.

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He had already been abandoned by his parents.

If his master and his woman did the same, he would be very sad.

“Girl, you wont despise me and abandon me, right”

“Why would I do that Silly boy, what are you thinking about I cant wait to treat such a domineering and cool dragon as a treasure.

How can I despise and abandon you Little Lei, let me touch your dragon body properly.” Xue Fanxin rubbed him from head to toe.

Infatuated, she stared at the scales emitting a purple light.

“Girl, stop touching me.

If Master comes back and finds out about this, hell definitely skin me alive.”

He had not forgotten how unhappy his master had been the last time she had touched him.

Master did not like her touching any male creature.

But at this moment, he hoped that someone would accompany him and not treat him as a monster.


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