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After Xue Fanxins battle with Su Baifeng, her strength improved quite a lot.

She was only a little bit away from the Spirit Transformation Realm.

But she felt that she could not cross this small distance no matter what.

Just now, while fighting with Su Baifeng, that threshold seemed to have loosened.

Her intuition told her that as long as she fought for a while more, she could advance to the Spirit Transformation Realm in.

She seemed to be lacking something.

“Su Baifeng, is that all youve got Its no different from last time.

You lost so badly, and this time wont be an exception.”

“Xue Fanxin, dont be too arrogant.

Ill tear you apart soon.” Because Su Baifeng couldnt kill her, she became anxious.

Her attacks got chaotic, and in the end, she lost her rhythm.

The more she fought like this, the worse the effects were.

In the beginning, she could barely fight Xue Fanxin to a draw, but now, she was being suppressed and beaten.

This made her even angrier.

Damn it, why had Xue Fanxin become stronger again Her strength increased too quickly.

“Su Baifeng, show me what you got! Why do I feel that youre getting weaker Youre so weak, yet you still want to kill me.

How ridiculous.” Xue Fanxin provoked her with words, hoping that she could erupt with more strength.

This way, she could use the pressure Su Baifeng gave her to break through.

But the other party had already reached her limit.

She was fighting crazily.

“Xue Fanxin, Im going to kill you.”

Su Baifeng lost her mind and fell into madness, waving the black sword in her hand like a crazy woman.

She forgot her plan.

The vengeful spirit in her body did not come out to remind her either and just let her do as she wished.

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“With your little ability, you cant kill me.

Why dont you call out that vengeful spirit If the two of you join forces, you might have a chance of winning.”

Su Baifeng finally remembered that there was a vengeful spirit in her body.

She tried to call it, but there was no response.

“Come out, do you hear me I want you to come out and help me kill her.

Come out quickly.

“Come out.

“Come out.”

The vengeful spirit mocked secretly. Come out and do something stupid like you

Why had he chosen such a stupid host He really regretted it.

“That vengeful spirit doesnt seem to want to help you!” Xue Fanxin sneered.

She wanted to use Su Baifeng to cross the threshold of the Spirit Transformation Realm, but to avoid unnecessary trouble, she had to quickly kill her.

After making up her mind, Xue Fanxin used her killer move.

She did not hesitate to use the second tier of the Reverse Spirit Art, adding the Xue You Sword Art and the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance.

This time, the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance was not for defense but offense.

This was equivalent to a killer move executed by the combination of three powers.

It was her strongest attack.

Although she would be exhausted, as long as she could kill her, everything was worth it.

“Su Baifeng, go to hell.”


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