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A black shadow flew into the side hall and transformed into a human.

A beautiful woman in a black robe descended from the sky.

This person was none other than Su Baifeng.

She was anxious to rush to the Imperial Palace and wanted to try and kill Xue Fanxin.

If she succeeded, that would be good.

If she failed, she could only choose to give up and work hard to protect her life.

She would come back when she became stronger.

Last time, she had lost so miserably because she had been careless.

Now, she would definitely not repeat her mistakes, nor would she underestimate her enemy.

As long as she gave it her all, she might really be able to kill her.

“Xue Fanxin, I didnt expect you to be so good at talking nonsense.

You clearly mined the green crystal mine in the Red Maple Forest yourself, but youre lying through your teeth here and falsely accusing me.

Youre too detestable.”

“May I ask if you have any evidence Please dont accuse me without any proof.” Xue Fanxin was not surprised that Su Baifeng had appeared.

She remained seated and looked at her coldly, her face filled with a sinister smile.

Su Baifeng hated Xue Fanxins confident expression.

With a murderous aura, she said, “Do you still need evidence That day in the First Restaurant, apart from Gu Jinyuan, you were the only one present.

He already knew about the mine, but he didnt make a move.

He must not be interested in it.

But youre different.

Everyone in Heavenly Saints City knows that you love money.

You must have privately mined it.

Dont quibble.”

“Just because I love money, I emptied that green crystal mine Your logic is really good! Besides, are you sure that only Gu Jinyuan and I know of that mineral vein”

“You…” Su Baifeng knew that Xue Fanxin had a glib tongue.

She understood that if she continued to bicker, she would not gain anything.

It would be a waste of time and might cause more trouble.

No matter who had mined the green crystal mine, it was no longer important.

The main point was to get rid of Xue Fanxin, her enemy.

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Su Baifeng suddenly attacked, wanting to kill Xue Fanxin.

“Enough nonsense.

Give me your life.”

“Back at you.

Give me your life.” Xue Fanxin was already prepared.

When Su Baifeng attacked, she responded.

The two of them started fighting in the side hall.

From the beginning to the end, the Heavenly Saint Emperor did not have a chance to speak.

When he saw Su Baifeng appear in the side hall like a ghost, he was really frightened.

Before he could recover, the two women who were arguing fiercely had already started fighting.

They went from the inside to the outside in only two or three moves, but this was good, in case they hurt him.

“Your Majesty, do you need me to get someone to capture them” the eunuch asked.

Actually, he was quite nervous.

“Capture Who do you think can capture them” the Heavenly Saint Emperor retorted.

He had woken up and was secretly glad that he had not provoked Xue Fanxin completely.

As for Su Baifeng… he did not seem to have offended her much either, right

In the future, he would not care about these two women anymore.

He would let them fight.

Even if he wanted to stop them, he could not.

Without strength, there was no need to say anything else.


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