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Xue Fanxin guessed that Gu Jinyuan and the four great clans would more or less help her, but what was going on with the three great sects

Before coming to prison, she even beat up the people from the Flowing Cloud Sect.

Among the three great sects, at least the Flowing Cloud Sect would not stand on her side.

It was already good that they did not hit her when she was down.

How could they help her

But from the report, the three great sects were indeed helping her.

What was going on

The Heavenly Saints Emperor was shocked and panicked.

He felt that the sky above his head was about to collapse.

He looked at Xue Fanxin in disbelief.

Even now, he did not understand why this little girl could predict things so accurately, nor did he understand why she had such great influence.

In less than half a day, the pressure he had to bear was almost overwhelming.

Ignoring the four great clans, just the fact that the three great sects had stopped recruiting new disciples was extremely impactful to the Heavenly Saints Empire.

It was fatal.

If the Heavenly Saints Empire did not have anyone from the three great sects, it was equivalent to losing a backer.

A small country that was at the edge of the secular world and the cultivation world without any backer would not be able to survive.

It might even be destroyed by other countries.

Now that the Heavenly Saints Empire was declining day by day, if the news spread, their enemies would swiftly take action.

At that time…

The more Heavenly Saints Emperor thought about it, the more he recognized the gravity of the matter.

He suddenly realized that he had done something stupid.

He actually listened to Su Baifeng and attacked Xue Fanxin.

He must be kicked in the head.

Furthermore, there was no evidence at all that she had mined the mineral vein, yet he still captured her.


“Your Majesty, dont be anxious.

Its not over yet.

Lets wait a little longer.” Xue Fanxin glanced at Heavenly Saints Emperors face, which was about to turn green from panic.

This made her really happy.

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No wonder the four great families were willing to let the Heavenly Saints Emperor sit on this dragon chair.

Such a brainless ruler had ambition but no courage.

It was not difficult to control him.

“Theres actually something else What else is there” The Heavenly Saints Emperors mind was buzzing.

He was falling apart, and his entire body was covered in a cold sweat.

Just the thought of being abandoned by the three great sects scared him out of his wits.

Another person ran over to report.

“Your Majesty, something bad has happened.

Su Baifeng is refining poison with living people in the Prime Ministers Estate.

This matter has been exposed and caused a lot of public resentment.

Not only is the Prime Ministers Estate surrounded by thousands of people, but even the palace entrance is the same.

The people are saying that they want the Emperor to give them an explanation.”

“What Those lowly commoners actually dare to do this Who gave them the guts”

Ordinary people definitely did not have the courage to surround the palace gates.

Even if they did, they could not attract such a large crowd.

This must be the four great clans pushing and helping behind the scenes.

The Heavenly Saints Emperor no longer dared to treat Xue Fanxin as an insignificant little girl.

He suddenly realized that she was like Ye Jiushang—unfathomable.


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