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With Little Leis help, Zhuri, Xue Batian, and Fuyun infiltrated the Prime Ministers Estate and came to an underground secret room.

They saved all the doctors who had been used to test and refine poison.

The people of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company were prepared to take those doctors.

With their cooperation, the evil deeds of the Prime Ministers Estate were all made public, especially Su Baifengs true appearance.

“I didnt expect Su Baifeng to be such a vicious person.

She actually used living people to refine and test poison.

How hateful.

Those doctors are really pitiful!”

“Its more than hateful.

Its terrifying!”

“If anyone marries such a woman, they will be unlucky for eight lifetimes.”

“No wonder the Ninth Imperial Uncle doesnt like her.

Hes so powerful.

Perhaps he already knew her personality.”

“It might really be like this.”

Su Baifeng ran out of the Ghost Kings place to return to the Prime Ministers Estate.

Halfway through, she heard rumors of her evil deeds.

She was panicked and did not dare to appear in front of others.

She chose a place with fewer people and secretly returned to the Prime Ministers Estate.

She went to the secret chamber, but it was empty.

Even the people who died had disappeared.

“How could this be”

She thought that her plan was flawless.

She had taken Xue Fanxins counterattack into consideration, but she did not think that it would be so fast.

It had only been half a day, but things had already gone out of her control.

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Could it be as the Ghost King said Was she no match for Xue Fanxin


How can I not be her match I, Su Baifeng, have been a proud daughter of heaven since I was young.

Im peerless.

How can I be inferior to a little girl This is impossible.

“I wont admit defeat just like that, never.” Although Su Baifeng was unwilling to accept it, she had no choice now.

The only thing she could think of was the vengeful spirit in her body.

But despite calling it recently, there was no reply.

It ignored her.

There was no movement at all as if it did not exist.

Without the vengeful spirits help, she did not know what to do.

“Fenger, Fenger, are you there” Prime Minister Su had just come home and had yet to sit down when such a big thing happened.

Anxious, he came to look for his daughter to discuss countermeasures.

“Father, I have something urgent to do, so I cant speak with you.” Su Baifeng left in a hurry.

In the blink of an eye, her dark figure had disappeared, heading toward the palace.

She had to take action before Xue Fanxin left the palace, or she would never have such a good chance again.

Xue Fanxin was sitting in the side hall.

Although she was on the ground, she was very comfortable.

She took out the snacks she had brought with her from her space and ate while waiting.

The Heavenly Saints Emperor did not say anything.

He only glared at her and waited for the situation to unfold.

Before half a day had passed, someone hurriedly came to report.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, something bad has happened.

The four great clans and the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company have stopped all of the royal familys business.

In less than two hours, all our shops have been affected and are in a mess.


“What else”

“The three great sects have decided to suspend the recruitment of new disciples in the Heavenly Saints Empire.”



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