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When the Xue family took action, the Lian, Yi, and Bai families also followed suit.

Bai Wuchen personally moved.

“Pass down my orders.

The three great sects will temporarily stop recruiting new disciples in the Heavenly Saints Empire.”

He had originally been thinking about how to express his goodwill to Xue Fanxin and ease their tensions.

Then, he would invite her to treat him.

An opportunity had now come knocking on his door, so he naturally had to seize it.

He really admired that useless ruler of the Heavenly Saints Empire.

He even dared to provoke the people from the Nine Cloud Palace.

He was tired of living.

And that Su Baifeng was stupid too.

He did not know where she got the confidence to fight with Xue Fanxin.

Even he could not win against that little girl.

Those people were overestimating themselves.

While the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company and the four great families were using their influence, Su Baifeng went to meet with the Ghost King.

However, no matter what she said, he only smiled.

He finally said to her, “So youre really stupid.”

“Ghost King, I know that what happened back then made you hate me, but Xue Fanxin is our common enemy.

Whats wrong with us joining forces We can definitely get rid of her when Ye Jiushang is not around, right”

“Why should I mess with an unrelated woman” the Ghost King asked with a sinister smile, looking at Su Baifeng with a mocking gaze.

Back then, it was because of this woman that he had become enemies with Ye Jiushang and his mother had died.

If he really wanted to get rid of someone, Su Baifeng would be on the top of the list.

He hated Ye Jiushang and Su Baifeng.

Even if Xue Fanxin was the woman Ye Jiushang liked, what happened back then had nothing to do with her.

He did not hold any bad feelings for her.

Instead, he disliked Su Baifeng quite a lot.

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Su Baifeng could not understand the Ghost Kings thoughts and felt that his reaction was completely wrong.

She got a little agitated.

“How can Xue Fanxin be unrelated Shes the person Ye Jiushang likes.

Killing her can cause a huge blow to Ye Jiushang.

Isnt that a good thing for you”

“In comparison, I prefer to get rid of Ye Jiushang.

I have no interest in wasting time on someone unrelated to what happened back then.

Furthermore, shes not so easy to handle.

Youre not her match.

Be it strength or intelligence, you lose to her by a large margin.”

“What did you say”

“The truth is ugly.

Whether you like it or not, thats the truth.

You want to join hands with the Heavenly Saints Emperor and me to deal with Xue Fanxin.

Cant Xue Fanxin do the same with the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company and the four great families If Im not wrong, her counterattack has already begun.

This time, your Prime Ministers Estate will pay an extremely heavy price.”

“Thats impossible.” Su Baifeng was unwilling to accept it.

She did not think that Xue Fanxin had that ability.

“Ghost King, even if you dont want to cooperate with me, you dont have to say these words to attack me.”

“Attack you If you dont believe me, you can go out and take a look.”

“Look at what”

“The situation in Heavenly Saints City.

Look at how those shady things you did in the dark have been dug up.

Those doctors who disappeared some time ago should have been saved by now.”

Hearing this, Su Baifeng knew that things were bad.

She could not be bothered to talk to the Ghost King anymore and left in a hurry.

The Ghost King did not stop her.

He sneered as he watched her leave.

Then, he muttered to himself evilly, “A self-righteous and stupid woman who is courting death.”


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