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As the prison guard locked the door, he found this all unrealistic as if he were in a dream.

The Ninth Imperial Consort of the Ninth Lords Estate had really been locked up in the prison of the Ministry of Justice.

The Ninth Imperial Uncle had yet to appear.

Could it be as the higher-ups said Was he really not in Heavenly Saints City

Even if he was not, he would return one day…

Forget it.

He wouldnt target a nobody like him.

He would have to look for someone above to settle the score.

It had nothing to do with them.

They were only following orders.

“Ninth Imperial Consort, we were only following orders.

I hope you can forgive us.” After the prison guard locked the cell door, he did not forget to explain the situation to Xue Fanxin.

He did not think she would be here forever.

“Dont worry, I wont blame you.

Do what you have to do.

I believe it wont be long before Ill get out,” Xue Fanxin said confidently.

She wasnt worried about her dire circumstances.

This Ninth Imperial Consort really is an extraordinary person, just as those from the four great clans said. They were waiting to see how she would turn the situation around.

After the prison guard left, Xue Fanxin found a more comfortable place.

She lay down and closed her eyes.

To outsiders, she looked like she was sleeping, but in fact, her soul had long entered the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

She picked up a hoe and dug out a piece of land to plant the seedlings she had prepared.

Although Ah Jiu said that using Breathing Earth to plant vegetables was wasteful, she did not have any other seeds at hand.

Why not plant some vegetables in the empty land In the future, she could eat fresh fruits and vegetables when she went out.

Perhaps they would turn extraordinary!

Xue Fanxin spent half a day planting the seedlings.

When she was resting, she realized that there were Electric Water Eels piled up like a small mountain beside her.

Although the space had the ability to preserve freshness, it was really not good to leave these fish here.

Besides, she could not eat so much at once.

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“Should I make some canned fish, dried fish, and shredded fish

“I have nothing to do now.

Why dont I organize the materials first and start after I prepare the other things”

Just as she was about to tidy up, she sensed someone approaching her cell.

She had no choice but to put down what she was doing and let her soul leave the space.

She opened her eyes.

It was still the two prison guards from before.

Looking at their troubled expressions, she knew they were in a difficult spot.

“Ninth Imperial Consort, Im really sorry.

The palace sent people over and said that they want to escort you to the palace for interrogation.

They wanted to do it personally.

Weve no choice but to let you suffer.”

“Its okay.

Youre only doing your duty.

I wont blame you nor will I make things difficult for you.

Lets go.

I want to see how that Heavenly Saints Emperor plans to convict me.” Xue Fanxin walked out of the cell.

She did not do anything unnecessary, willing to enter the palace to betried.

So what if she emptied the green crystal mine in the Red Maple Forest If the Heavenly Saints Emperor could not produce evidence, then all of this would be useless.

As long as she refused to admit it, what could the Heavenly Saints Emperor do to her

As for Su Baifeng… just wait and see.


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