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Xue Fanxin knew that the man was serious about this move.

It was an all-out attack from a Great Spirit Master.

She did not dare to lower her guard.

She went all out and used the sword technique and spirit technique that Ye Jiushang had taught her.

She first used the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance and summoned thousands of butterflies to protect her.

Then, she employed the Xue You Sword Art to hide the sword aura in the butterflies.

The man mocked her in his heart. Didnt you just say that fighting is not acrobatics and that theres no need to make things pretty Look at those butterflies.

Whats the difference between them and acrobatics

He was not alone in his thoughts; the crowd was the same.

They felt that Xue Fanxins butterflies were useless, used to charm others.

Was she really performing acrobatics

Soon, they would know the outcome.

The man had suffered at Xue Fanxins hands once, so no matter what happened this time, he would not take her lightly.

He went all out.

He believed that these ten sword auras would definitely defeat her, but unexpectedly…

The ten sword beams were actually blocked by the butterflies, nullifying the move.

The butterflies also turned into light spots and disappeared.

“How is this possible” The black-clothed man was stunned.

He looked at the light spots floating in the sky in disbelief and did not detect the attack hidden among them.

By the time he noticed, it was already too late.


Xue You Swords sword aura attacked when the butterflies dissipated, knocking the man to the ground.

It left seven or eight wounds on his body.

His robes were torn, and he was in an extremely sorry state.

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“How… how is this possible”

“You lost.” Xue Fanxin did not attack again.

She put away the Xue You Sword and looked coldly at the man.

She was actually a little nervous.

The combination of the Xue You Sword Art and the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance was only suitable for a quick battle.

With her current ability, she could at most use it once.

If the man stood up and fought again, she would probably not be a match for him.

After all, the difference between the Spirit Refining Realm and the Great Spirit Master Realm still existed.

“Thats impossible.

How could you win against my senior brother Hes a Great Spirit Master.

Youre only in the Spirit Refining Realm.

No matter what, its impossible for you to win against Senior Brother.

You must be a demoness who used demonic techniques; thats why youre like this.” The coachman could not accept the outcome.

He was agitated and roared at Xue Fanxin.

“I won, so youre now saying that I used demonic techniques Your Flowing Cloud Sect indeed has a twisted logic,” Xue Fanxin said with a cold smile.

She was no longer in the mood to play with these people.

She turned her back to the man in black who was still on the ground and staring at her in shock.

“If you want revenge, come to the Ninth Lords Estate.

Dont take out your anger on innocent people.

If I find out they have been hurt because of what happened today, I definitely wont let you off.”

“Stop right there.” When the man in robes saw that Xue Fanxin was about to leave, he stopped her solemnly.

“What else do you want”

Just as everyone thought that he would not let the matter rest, they heard him say, “Are you interested in joining the Flowing Cloud Sect”


What was going on


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