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When the coachman saw his reinforcements, the little fear that had just appeared vanished.

He returned to his arrogant self and crawled over with difficulty.

No matter how painful his body was, he had to complain first.

“Senior Brother, this woman and that brat not only scared our unicorn away, but they also said that our Flowing Cloud Sect is a small sect.

Whats even more detestable is that they actually beat me up.

Senior Brother, you must take revenge for me!”

“Dont you think its too much to bully someone from my Flowing Cloud Sect like this” the man in robes questioned Xue Fanxin coldly.

Seeing her beautiful face, he almost lost his soul.

This girl was extraordinarily pretty.

She was so beautiful that it made peoples hearts flutter and their minds go wild.

“You believe him Youre either brainless or blind,” Xue Fanxin retorted without giving him any face.

She spoke firmly, not afraid of offending the other party.

Since she had already offended them, it did not matter if she took it a step further.

The man originally wanted to take into account her beauty.

As long as she apologized, he would forgive her and take the opportunity to get to know her, but things were not as he had imagined.

Although she was beautiful, her temper was lousy.

She had a loud mouth and was not easy to control.

“Little girl, do you know that trouble comes from the mouth”

“Then do you know the words courting death”

“You…” The man got a little angry because Xue Fanxin really did not give him any face.

It displeased him a lot.” Little girl, dont be so arrogant or youll be in trouble.

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“Ill return these words to you.

This person drove a carriage pulled by a unicorn and rampaged through the alley, throwing chaos everywhere.

The commoners got injured as a result.

Then for some reason, the unicorn lost control and ran away.

He flew into a rage out of humiliation and used a whip to beat everyone.

He almost hit me.

Should I not counterattack You only heard his one-sided story and said that I was bullying people.

Do you only listen to your own people You think whatever they say is what it is and never use your brain to analyze things or investigate There are so many people present.

You can casually find someone to ask about the truth.

If you dont believe me, ask away.”

The crowd originally looked at the man in robes with admiration and envy, but after hearing her, they all revealed looks of disgust.

Coupled with the fact that the man in robes was standing up for the coachman, they were irked.

The man could sense that the gazes of the people around him had changed.

Xue Fanxins words were buzzing in his ears, and he felt that he had lost all his face.

He glared at the coachman lying at his feet.

But it was just that.

He had no intention of reprimanding him.

After adjusting his emotions, he said with a hint of displeasure, “Even if someone from my Flowing Cloud Sect did something wrong, its not up to you to teach them a lesson.”

“Is there something wrong with your ears or your brain Didnt you hear what I just said He was about to hit me, but I cant teach him a lesson Is this the logic of your Flowing Cloud Sect What bullsh*t Flowing Cloud Sect.

If all the disciples of the Flowing Cloud Sect are like you, then I must tell my friends and family that they shouldnt send their children there, lest good children learn bad habits.”

Xue Fanxins words caused a huge commotion.

The surrounding crowd got even noisier than before.

Their hearts were in chaos as they whispered among themselves.

“I was thinking of getting my son to register for the Flowing Cloud Sect.

But if their disciples are like this, I definitely cant let him go.”

“I cant let my grandson go either.

Such a sect will lead the child astray.”

“Although his strength has increased, his personality is not good.

Hes no different from a ruffian.”


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