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Bai Wuchen had not expected to attract so many strange gazes just by asking a question.

After thinking about it carefully, he realized that he had crossed a line.

He looked embarrassed.

He had just gotten into a fight with Xue Fanxin and the others.

Now, he was actually asking them questions.

Furthermore, his tone had softened a lot.

This clearly meant that he had given in.

If these people were related to the Nine Cloud Palace, he had no choice but to give in! Once the mysterious Lord of the Nine Cloud Palace came here, he might end up in a feces pit again.

He would rather die than experience it again.

“Why are you all looking at me Is there something on my face” Bai Wuchens warning immediately frightened everyone into retracting their gazes.

Xue Fanxin did not even glance at Bai Wuchen.

Her attention was on the maidservant, waiting for her to wake up.

The maidservant slowly opened her eyes under Xue Fanxins treatment.

She realized that she was actually lying on the ground.

Furthermore, there were many people watching her from the surroundings.

They were all important figures in the Bai family, scaring her quite badly.

“Master, Second Young Master, I, I…”

“Dont be nervous.

As long as you answer my questions, I guarantee that youll be fine.” Xue Fanxin knew that a small maidservant would be scared out of her wits upon encountering something like this.

She comforted her first before asking, “Have you seen a woman dressed in black who looks very seductive and has a dark evil aura”

“A woman in black” The maidservant recalled carefully.

“I did see her previously.

She was very beautiful, but I only saw her once and didnt get a clear look.

At that time, I thought my eyes were playing tricks, so I didnt take it to heart.

Now that I think about it, my memories started to get blurry from that time.

I dont remember many things.”

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“Its indeed Su Baifeng.

It looks like your Bai family is not safe either.

You dont even know that someone has infiltrated your residence.

This matter has nothing to do with this maidservant.

Its best you dont hold her responsible.

After all, she is innocent.” Xue Fanxin vouched for the maidservant to prevent her from being innocently executed.

She knew very well how lowly maidservants were in the eyes of those aristocratic families.

Their lives were really like ants.

As long as their master was unhappy, he could execute them at any time.

They were all human lives, but their value was so different.

This was the world.

The maidservant had not expected Xue Fanxin to speak up for her.

She looked at her in a daze.

Xue Fanxin only smiled and did not say anything else.

She walked out.

“Little Lei, Fuyun, lets go.”

Bai Wuchen had not expected Xue Fanxin to ignore him completely.

This made him very displeased, and he said angrily, “Stop right there.”

“Young Master Feces Pit, what other words do you have” Xue Fanxin stopped in her tracks and turned back to look at Bai Wuchen, her eyes filled with coldness and disdain.

Towards such a self-righteous person, the more you ignored him, the crazier he would get.


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