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When Little Lei directly called out Bai Wuchens name, the people of the Bai family were extremely shocked, or even panicked.

They all looked at Bai Wuchen nervously as if they were very afraid of him.

This Young Master Bais name was indeed Bai Wuchen.

Although his surname was also Bai, no one in the entire Bai family dared to call him by his name.

Some people with relatively low statuses did not even know it.

They only knew that this persons status was extremely noble, and even the family head had to be respectful to him.

It was disrespectful to address such a noble person by his name.

Yet that young man call Bai Wuchen by his name and even mocked him fearlessly.

Wasnt this too bold

However, the fact that the young man could exchange blows with Bai Wuchen and not be at a disadvantage showed how powerful he was.

With strength, he had the right to speak.

“Young Master Feces Pit, actually, it doesnt matter if were from the Nine Cloud Palace.

Whats important is that I dont intend to save anyone today.

I wont treat you in the future either.” Xue Fanxin could not be bothered to waste time with a top-grade clean freak.

She wanted to leave again, but after taking a step, she remembered that she still had something to do.

Hence, she stopped in her tracks and walked toward the maidservant.

She wanted to see her condition first.

“Her nervous system has been severely damaged.

Even if she recovers from her injuries, she will still be a retard.”

“Your Highness, you mean” Fuyun had already guessed what Xue Fanxin meant, but she was not certain.

“Thats right.

She must have been controlled by someone just now.

Thats why she did something against her conscience.”

Apart from that detestable woman, Su Baifeng, who would be bored enough to do such a thing Except for a few, only the vengeful spirit body knew that she was wearing the Purple Buddha Bracelet, the nemesis of vengeful spirits.

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Xue Fanxin smiled coldly.

She took out her golden needles and used the Yang Needle Technique in the Yin Yang Nine Needles Art to treat the maidservant and repair her destroyed nervous system.

Everyone was watching Xue Fanxin.

No one said a word to disturb her.

Bai Wuchen wanted to scold Xue Fanxin and question their origins, but when she took out the golden needles, he was astonished by her technique.

He watched her save the maidservant in silence.

That superb needle technique shocked him greatly.

After being ill for a long time, he became a doctor himself.

He looked for famous doctors everywhere to treat his legs, but none of them had a solution.

On the other hand, he had learned quite a few medical skills from them.

He had heard a little about acupuncture, but he had never seen it.

Could this be the legendary acupuncture technique that only needed a few silver needles to treat and save people

Bai Wuchen suddenly believed that Xue Fanxin was really capable.

Coupled with the fact that she was related to Nine Cloud Palace, her fame was not undeserved.

Perhaps this was a chance for him to treat his legs.


Bai Wuchen only cared about his legs, forgetting that he had offended Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin was not in the mood to care about Bai Wuchen now.

She performed the acupuncture to save the maidservant.

After finishing, she put away the needles and circulated her energy to revive the maidservant.

While everyone was waiting for the maidservant to wake up, Bai Wuchen suddenly asked, “What was the acupuncture technique you used just now”

This question made everyone look at him strangely.


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