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Hearing Yi Fentian mention Peach Blossom Granny and even accurately refer to Willow Alley on East Street, Xue Fanxin was certain that the big brother who had helped her in the past was not Yi Fentian but Yi Fenyun.

She had been chasing after the wrong person for two years.

“Youre the Young Master of the Yi family now” Xue Fanxin did not bring up the past.

She planned to let this matter run its course, so she changed the topic.

Yi Fenyun could tell that Xue Fanxin was unwilling to say more and tactfully did not ask further.

He replied gently, “Yes, Im the Young Master of the Yi family now.

But I dont want it.”

He had never thought of competing with his younger brother for the position of Young Master, but just yesterday, the elders in the family unanimously decided that he would take his seat.

He could not reject it even if he wanted to, so he could only agree.

“It doesnt matter where you sit.

What matters is your heart.

If it is free, you can be free no matter what position you hold.

If it isnt, even if you dont do anything, you will feel restrained.

All in all, your mentality is very important.”

Hearing Xue Fanxins words, Yi Fenyun felt like he had come to a realization.

What shocked him even more was that this little girl, who was only fifteen, could actually say such philosophical words.

What kind of person was she

“Thank you, Consort.

I understand.”

“Hehe, its good that you understand.

Come, come, let me see what gifts youve brought me.” Xue Fanxin did not chat with Yi Fenyun for too long, in case of a misunderstanding.

Besides, she was itching to know how much gold and silver the four great clans had given her.

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Lian Fangcheng and Bai Han were standing there in a daze.

Facing Xue Fanxin, they did not know what to say.

They felt envious that Yi Fenyun could talk to her.

Actually, they did not want to become enemies with Xue Fanxin either.

They wanted to make friends with her.

After returning from that damned place, they understood many things.

They were grateful to her for saving them.

“This is a token of the Bai familys appreciation.” Bai Han gave the followers around him a look.

When the followers opened the box, he introduced them one by one.

“These are ten bolts of Luo Yun Silk Brocade, ten East Sea Night Pearls, ten pairs of white jade bracelets, ten thousand-year-old blood ginseng, and ten thousand-year-old purple orchids.”

Xue Fanxin was surprised, feeling that she had made a huge loss by asking Bai Han for a Jade Skin Spirit Flower back then.

This guy was a rich second-generation heir.

Lian Fangcheng was also in a hurry to introduce his gifts.

“Ninth Imperial Consort, this is a little token from our Lian family.

One Nine Revolutions Soul Return Pill, one ten-thousand-year-old Thousand Spirit Grass…”

Before Xue Fanxin could recover, she heard Lian Fangchengs introduction.

Her mind was filled with golden light that was about to blind her eyes.

She had worked hard to bring these people out of the tomb.

Her efforts had finally paid off.

Actually, in the tomb, she did not think about how much the four great clans would give her in return.

She only hoped that those people would boost her reputation after they went out and mess with Su Baifeng.

Who knew…

Good people were indeed rewarded, hehe!



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