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Xue Fanxin did not know where the Ghost King had taken Yi Fentian.

She would not waste too much effort on things she had no control over.

If she had the time, she might as well spend all her energy on cultivation or do something she was confident in.

The next day, people from the four great families swarmed to the Ninth Lords Estate.

Every family carried more than ten large chests.

“Your Highness, the four great families have sent many gifts to thank you for saving their lives, including the Yi family.

Will you accept them” As Ye Jiushang was not around, Zhuri would report many things to Xue Fanxin and listen to her orders.

“Yes, of course.

If I dont accept riches coming to my door, Id be a fool.

Besides, I worked hard to save those people.

They should pay me well.

Lets go and see their sincerity.

Hehe, Ill have windfall today.” Xue Fanxin was thrilled and put down what she was doing.

The four great families seemed to have discussed it beforehand and chose the same time to give gifts.

Furthermore, the value was basically the same.

No family had more or less.

The representatives were the few who had been trapped in the tomb.

Bai Han, Lian Fangcheng, and Xue Hanxi had all come, except for Yi Fentian.

The Yi family had sent another person, who was the new Young Master of the Yi family, Yi Fenyun.

This Yi Fenyun looked a little similar to Yi Fentian, but his temperament was different.

Yi Fentian was arrogant, while Yi Fenyun was elegant and quiet.

He seemed aloof from worldly affairs.

His appearance made people feel comfortable.

“Ninth Imperial Consort, Im Yi Fenyun.

On behalf of the Yi family, Id like to present you with a thank-you gift.

Thank you, Ninth Imperial Consort, for saving our Yi family.”

“Youre Yi Fenyun” Xue Fanxin placed her attention on Yi Fenyun and tried her best to recall the past.

She felt that the Xue Fanxin of the past had seen Yi Fenyun before, but her impression was blurry.

She could not remember it clearly.

She vaguely recalled that the reason Xue Fanxin had been infatuated with Yi Fentian was that many years ago, a person who looked extremely similar to him had given her a trace of sunshine-like warmth.

Hence, she fell head over heels for him.

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

Could there be a misunderstanding

“Yes, Im Yi Fenyun.

I am… Yi Fentians half-brother.” Yi Fenyun paused for a moment, and his expression changed a little, but he quickly hid it.

“About five years ago, did you go to the Nanling Empire outside the Tongxuan Continent” Xue Fanxin asked straightforwardly, wishing to resolve the doubts in her heart.

Although she was the real Xue Fanxin, some memories were too vague.

Even the past her could not remember them clearly, let alone the current her.

Yi Fenyun did not know why Xue Fanxin would ask such a question, but he did not delve into it and replied, “Yes, I indeed went to the Nanling Empire and stayed in the Imperial City for a while.”

“Then do you remember… peach blossom pastry”

“Peach blossom pastry” Yi Fanyun tried his best to recall.

He did have a little memory of that peach blossom pastry.

“Your Highness, are you referring to the pastry at the peach blossom grannys stall in Willow Alley on East Street”

On his visit to the empire, he caught a whiff of peach blossom pastry on East Street and bought some to try.

He could not forget the taste even now.

Unfortunately, that peach blossom granny passed away in less than two years.

From then on, he had never been able to eat it again.

However, why would the Ninth Consort mention this to him


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