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Little Leis words panicked Yi Fentian even more.

He felt a sense of fear as if he was on the verge of death.

Even now, he still could not believe that his fate was decided just like that.

Xue Fanxin was so cold and heartless to him.

Even if Xue Fanxin had really returned to normal, she once had a crush on him.

She wouldnt have changed so much, right

In the past, no matter how he treated Xiner, even if he helped Li Yaoyao hurt and bully her, she had never had any complaints about him.

She only hated Li Yaoyao.

How could such feelings disappear like a snap of fingers

Yi Fentian was terrified of Little Lei.

He did not dare to face the youngster and pretended not to hear him.

His attention was on Xue Fanxin as he asked self-deceivingly, “Xiner, do you remember what you said two years ago That you would only marry me and would do anything to achieve that Have you forgotten it already”

“But I already died! When I fell off the cliff, the Xue Fanxin who was once loyal to you died.

The current me is a new me.

The reborn me has no feelings for you.

Yi Fentian, I really dont know where you get your confidence from.

Do you think a woman will still be loyal to you after being hurt by you repeatedly Have you ever thought about how I felt when I was pushed down the cliff by Li Yaoyao and was on the verge of death Youre a very selfish person.

Youve always only had yourself in your heart and never thought about others.

You think that everything in the world should revolve around you.”

“I…” Yi Fentian lost his words.

His heart was in a mess, and his mind was rumbling.

He pondered on what Xue Fanxin said because she had poked his sore spot.

How did Little Xiner feel when she was pushed down the cliff by Li Yaoyao… He had never thought about it.

Even after discovering the truth, he wasnt bothered.

“Do you still think that you didnt do anything wrong Yi Fentian, I, Xue Fanxin, dont owe you anything.

But you sure owe me a lot.

You should thank the heavens that I didnt seek you to collect my debt.

What right do you have to make any more requests of me” Xue Fanxin continued to scold Yi Fentian, lightening her heart.

She would not say another word to Yi Fentian.

“Xiner, are you really going to be so heartless to me”

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“Ive never had feelings for you, so where would this talk of heartlessness come from Yi Fentian, if you continue to trap yourself, then only death will await you.

I have many things to do and dont have time to play with you.

Killing you is like flipping my hand, do you believe me”

“No, its impossible for you to have never had feelings for me.

Its just that Ye Jiushang made you change your mind, right Xiner, believe me.

Ill treat you better than Ye Jiushang.” Yi Fentian was unwilling to accept the truth.

He still had hope for Xue Fanxin.

He felt that as long as he got rid of Ye Jiushang, everything would return to square one.

However, he could not even see Ye Jiushang.

How could he get rid of him

Little Leis patience was running thin.

“Who the hell do you think you are Youre comparing yourself with my master Youre an insignificant ant that I can casually slap to death.

You cant even defeat me, yet you want to challenge my master Youre overestimating yourself.

You want to snatch my masters woman Why dont you look in the mirror Again, who the hell do you think you are”

“You shut up.” Yi Fentian was in a bad mood.

Little Leis words set him off, and he couldnt help but roar.

“Youre telling me to shut up Im going to slap you to death in exchange for ten feasts.” Little Lei had been holding it in for a long time.

He directly attacked and slapped Yi Fentian ruthlessly, planning to beat him a little before taking his life.

Right then, an arrogant voice sounded from the sky.

“Haha… Its another person Ye Jiushang wants to kill.

Whoever he wants to kill, I want to save.



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