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As soon as he returned, Yi Fentian sent people to spy on the Ninth Lords Estate.

Little did he know that his every move was being watched.

There were many experts in the Ninth Lords Estate.

Just the ordinary guards were all in the Spirit Refining Realm.

Moreover, every single one of them had undergone special training and was more powerful than the guards in the Imperial Palace.

The guards of the four great clans could not be compared to them at all.

Apart from ordinary guards, the Ninth Lords Estate also had Night Shadow Guards.

They lurked in the dark and protected the safety of the Lords Estate.

They also knew everything that happened around the Lords Estate like the back of their hands.

Zhuri was the leader of the Night Shadow Guards.

Most of the information gathered by the Night Shadow Guards would be sent to him first and then to Ye Jiushang.

“Alright, I understand.

Lets not act yet.

Ill make a decision after I ask the Consort.” After Zhuri received the news, he dismissed the reporter.

Then, he went to Xue Fanxins courtyard and realized that she was not up yet, so he waited outside.

Fuyun prepared some tea and got everyone to sit in the courtyard.

Xue Fanxin had instructed them not to disturb her.

She would wake up naturally.

They had no idea that Xue Fanxin was already awake.

She was busy in her Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space.

The Tree of Life, the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus, and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid that had been planted in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space had all broken out of the ground.

Some even grew small tender leaves.

She had been taking care of the three seeds ever since she planted them.

Every night before sleeping, she would check up on them.

Occasionally, she would water them and talk to them, or even beg them to grow out quickly.

Indeed, the heavens did not disappoint her.

The thing she was looking forward to day and night finally happened; the three seeds germinated.

Although they were only the size of green beans, they were the beginning of all hope.

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“You have to grow up quickly, okay Only when you grow up can you help Ah Jiu.”

While she was talking to the three newly grown sprouts, a small pill furnace flew over and spun in front of her.

Then, it stuck to her face and kissed it a few times before continuing to spin.

“Little pill furnace, what are you doing”

The small pill furnace circled Xue Fanxin a few times before flying towards the large rock not far away.

It landed on it and jumped around.

Xue Fanxin noticed something wrong with the stone, so she walked over to take a look.

She realized that the three books on the stone had appeared by themselves.

The words on them were shining with golden light.

“This is the second tier of the Reverse Spirit Art and the Heart Cleansing Incantation.

There are other pill formulas too.

Heavens, why has new content suddenly appeared”

In the past, no matter what she did, nothing new appeared in these books.

The Reverse Spirit Art and the Heart Cleansing Incantation remained at the first tier.

The Myriad Spirit Record only showed a few pill formulas and pill cultivating methods.

There was nothing else.

Today, new content appeared in these three books.

What was going on

“Little pill furnace, do you know the reason”

The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace jumped and swayed a few times, trying to express something.

Unfortunately, Xue Fanxin could not understand at all.

Besides, her mind was no longer on the furnace.

She was thinking about the Reverse Spirit Art and the new information on the Heart Cleansing Incantation.

After thinking about it for a while, she started to cultivate, forgetting that there were a bunch of people waiting for her outside.


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