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Xue Fanxin slept for a day and night before recovering.

While she was resting, Xue Batian, Zhuri, Fuyun, and the others kept watch over her.

Even Little Lei did not go back to sleep.

He carried the little white tiger and played in the courtyard, running to the kitchen from time to time to look for food.

Although he had a look of disdain, he was really hungry, so he casually ate something to relieve his hunger.

Before his master left, he had specially instructed him to protect this idiot girl.

But last night, as he had slept too soundly, he had almost ruined everything.

If anything happened to her, his master would definitely skin him alive.

He had better take good care of this idiot.

At the very least, he had to wait for her to recover.

If anything happened again, that would be terrible.

“Little Lei! Youre just a small boy.

How can you eat so much Can your stomach contain so much” When Xue Batian got bored, he looked for Little Lei to pass time and sometimes even snatched his food.

They were like two clowns, one old and one young.

“Old Grandpa, youve already stolen five of my roasted chicken legs.” Little Lei remembered how many drumsticks Xue Batian had taken from him.

Although they were not as delicious as Xue Fanxins, they were still his drumsticks.

Based on Little Leis temper, if anyone else came to snatch the food, they would have long been kicked away.

Because of Xue Batians special status, he showed tolerance and gave in to him.

Xue Batian did not know about Little Leis temper.

In his eyes, he was just a child, a cute and handsome young boy.

He was a little cocky and arrogant… but he liked him!

“You have at least twenty drumsticks here.

I only ate five.”

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“If you want to eat, go get it from the kitchen yourself.

Why do you have to snatch mine”

“Youre just a child.

How can you eat so many drumsticks Ill help you get rid of them.”

“I can eat them myself.

I dont need your help.” Little Lei picked up the entire plate and turned his back to Xue Batian, gnawing on his drumstick.

Sigh… The taste of this drumstick was really bad, not comparable to that idiots cooking at all.

That idiot could really sleep.

It had been a day and a night, but she was still sleeping like a pig.

He did not know when he would be able to enjoy those ten feasts.

No, no.

He had not killed Yi Fentian yet.

How could there be ten feasts

In other words, he had to kill Yi Fentian first before he could eat ten feasts.

It seemed like he had to find some time to kill the guy.

Yi Fentian had already returned to the Yi family.

As his vitality had been injured in the tomb, he was currently recuperating.

For some reason, he kept sneezing.


Who was scolding him

“Young Master, are you okay Did you catch a cold” The moment the maidservant entered, she heard Yi Fentian sneezing and quickly came over.

“Its okay,” Yi Fentian said casually.

He sniffed and asked solemnly, “I instructed you to keep an eye on the Ninth Lords Estate.

Has it been done”

“Young Master, Ive already sent people.

However, the Ninth Lords Estate is heavily guarded.

Its very difficult for our people to obtain any useful information.”

“Even if its difficult, you have to find out for me.

Send a smarter person to think of a way to sneak in.

Its best if they can get to Xue Fanxins side.

I want to know her every move.”

Since he had returned alive from that damned place, what followed was his counterattack.

Be it Xue Fanxin or Ye Jiushang, he wanted them to pay the price and let them know the consequences of offending him, Yi Fentian.



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