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After Su Baifeng escaped, she fell miserably in the backyard of the Prime Ministers Estate.

Fortunately, it was midnight, and most of the people in the Prime Ministers Estate were sleeping.

No one saw her sorry state.

“Damn you, Xue Fanxin.

Ill settle scores with you sooner or later.

Cough, cough…” Su Baifeng stood up with difficulty and supported herself against the wall with one hand.

She scolded Xue Fanxin a few times before coughing weakly.

In the end, she even vomited blood.

The injuries on her body hurt badly.

She had thought that she could get rid of Xue Fanxin tonight.

Even if she could not, she could teach her a lesson.

After discovering that Ye Jiushang was leaving, she got even more confident.


Even now, she did not understand why Xue Fanxin had suddenly become so strong.

Could it be that Ye Jiushang had really helped her

“That woman is not an ordinary person.

I advise you not to go against her, or you will be in a hell of trouble.” The vengeful spirit recalled the strength Xue Fanxin had displayed in tonights battle, that profound sword technique, and her last move.

All of them indicated that she had outstanding origins.

How could an ordinary woman have so many good things Just the Purple Buddha Bracelet was a precious item.

He had not expected such a powerful artifact to exist in such a small place.

Was he suppressed for too long and the world had already changed

If everything Xue Fanxin had now was given to her by that Ye Jiushang, then his background and strength… It was best not to provoke him.

After all, he was only a vengeful spirit now.

His strength had greatly decreased.

Facing such a powerful enemy as soon as he came out was undoubtedly courting death.

If Su Baifeng wanted to die, he would not accompany her.

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Su Baifeng did not know the vengeful spirits thoughts.

She was angry at herself.

Since she had no outlet, she took it out on the vengeful spirit hiding in her body.

“Didnt you say that you were some Martial Monarch Realm expert You even boasted how powerful you were, yet you couldnt even kill a Spirit Refining Realm girl.

You even bragged that you would take me to a higher place and make me stronger.

I dont quite believe you anymore.”

“Little girl, show some respect.

Ill give in to you, but that doesnt mean you can ride on my head.

If not for the fact that you brought me out of that damned place, do you think I would tolerate your impudence” The vengeful spirit was also angry.

It even regretted choosing Su Baifeng, this stupid woman.

Back then, there were so many people.

If not for the strong resentment in this woman, he would not have chosen her.

Now that he thought about it carefully, choosing Yi Fentian was actually not bad.

Su Baifeng could tell that the vengeful spirit was enraged.

For some reason, she felt afraid.

Despite the ball of pent-up fury in her stomach, she did not dare to say anything else.

Enduring the pain in her body, she trudged toward her room.

She would not collapse just like that.

If she could not kill Xue Fanxin today, then so be it.

One day, she would claim her life.

The vengeful spirit was in Su Baifengs body, so it naturally knew what she was thinking.

It did not say anything, only laughing at this womans stupidity.

No matter how stupid she was, she was still the host he had chosen.

If anything happened to her, it would be very disadvantageous to him.

At the very least, before he recovered, he could not waste his energy choosing another host.

There was no choice.

It seemed like he could only work hard to help Su Baifeng get rid of Xue Fanxin.


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