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Xue Fanxin was shocked, but she quickly digested the matter and buried it in her heart.

The Divine Dragon Clan rejected Little Lei because he was an anomaly.

The human race was also a race that rejected other races.

If they knew about Little Lei, who knew what crazy things they would do

Hence, it was best to keep Little Leis identity a secret.

“Ah Jiu, are you going to the Nine Cloud Palace tomorrow When are you leaving” Xue Fanxin was a just little unwilling to part with him.

She did not have too intense emotions because she knew that he would return to look for her.

She was at ease.

“Well set off later.”

“So soon You just returned from the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor.

You didnt even have a good rest.”

“The matter over there is a little troublesome.

Its best to go back and deal with it as soon as possible.”

“Oh, I understand.” Xue Fanxin understood his difficulties and did not blame him.

However, she was a little worried about him.

She searched for things on her body, using her divine sense to scan the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space.

She took out the pills she had refined and handed them all to Ye Jiushang.

“Ah Jiu, I only have these pills on me that might be of use to you.

Although their grades are a little low, they can come in handy.

Take them all.”

Even if these medicinal pills were useless, Ye Jiushang had no intention of rejecting them.


Ill return as soon as possible.

While Im not around, you have to be careful of Su Baifeng.

As for the others, just do as you please.”

“Isnt it just a vengeful spirit I cant afford to offend it, but I can still hide.

You can go to Nine Cloud Palace without worries.

I guarantee you that I wont provoke Su Baifeng, nor will I clash with her.”

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Ye Jiushang pulled Xue Fanxin into his arms and stayed with her for a while.

Although the vengeful spirit on Su Baifeng was powerful, he believed that no matter how powerful it was, it could not defeat the extremely lucky Phoenix Star.

Xiner was not an ordinary person.

She had the power of nirvana in her body.

Even if she died, she would be revived, so he did not have to worry.

That night, Ye Jiushang left silently with Ruying and Suixing.

Everyone was still sleeping, and only Xue Fanxin came to send them off.

Although she was sending them off, she actually stayed in the courtyard and watched them break through the void and leave.

Xue Fanxin stood in the courtyard in a daze, looking in the direction of the void.

He had just left, yet she was already missing him.


“Ah Jiu, you have to come back quickly!” Xue Fanxin said to the empty void, then took a deep breath and was about to return to her room to sleep.

Right then, a ruthless voice filled with intense killing intent sounded from the surroundings.

“Even if he returns, you wont be able to see him.”

Xue Fanxins expression changed.

She looked at the source of the voice and saw a seductive woman in a black dress walking out of a dark corner.

Seeing the persons face clearly, she was a little shocked.

“Su Baifeng.”

What shocked Xue Fanxin was not Su Baifengs appearance but her change.

She guessed that the invader was Su Baifeng from the familiar voice.

However, she did not expect her to change so much.

She was like a person dwelling in the darkness, but she was a rose, a black rose, giving off an enchanting and demonic feeling.


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