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Xiao Muyan was putting Gu Jinyuan in a tough spot, using threats to force his hand.

This was not the first time Gu Jinyuan had encountered Xiao Muyans ungentlemanly actions.

He had used a similar method to force him to find the pill furnace.

Unfortunately, he got trapped in the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor later, so this matter was left unsettled.

Based on his understanding of Xiao Muyan, once they went out, he would definitely be forced to find the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace.

However, Xiao Muyan seemed to be more interested in Xue Fanxins needle technique now.

The pill furnace could be delayed for the time being.

He thought he could be tension-free for some time, but unexpectedly, Xiao Muyan used another matter to force him…

“Young Master Xiao, I have now decided that the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company will no longer cooperate with the Blue Sea Villa.”


“What did you say” Xiao Muyan did not expect Gu Jinyuan to make such a decision.

“Gu Jinyuan, if you dont have the pills provided by the Blue Sea Villa, your Heavenly Treasure Trading Company will suffer massive losses.

You might not even be able to protect your status.

Do you understand”

“Youre not the only alchemist in this world.

With our resources and influence, we will be able to find other alchemists to provide us with supplies.

Besides, we do not earn much by cooperating with you.

Every year, the pills auctioned are not enough to pay for the goods of the Blue Sea Villa.

There are other fees too.

In other words, we only earn a little reputation and no profits to speak of in our cooperation.

You can look for other merchants and see if they can give you the same treatment.

If you dont cooperate with our Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, do you really think the Blue Sea Villa can find a better partner Even if you can find one, the profits wont be much.”

“Hmph, youre only comforting yourself.

Without our pills, the Heavenly Treasure Trading Companys position as the richest company will be lost.

There are many people in the Tongxuan Realm who want to pull you down, so youd best think carefully before talking big.”

“You just have to wait and see if Im talking big.”

“Gu Jinyuan, dont regret it.”

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“You never consider others in troubled times.

Youre always thinking about yourself.

After experiencing so much, youre still so self-righteous and arrogant.

If not for Xiner, do you think you could have left that place alive”



“Theres no need to say more.

After I return, Ill report the fact that the Blue Sea Villa will no longer provide medicinal pills to the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

Ill find another alchemist.” Gu Jinyuan and Xiao Muyan argued for a long time, but he did not expose the fact that Xue Fanxin was an alchemist.

Xue Fanxin secretly praised Gu Jinyuan.

She really did not intend to expose her identity as an alchemist too early.

It was not necessarily a good thing for a person to be too dazzling.

She understood the principle that the wind would destroy the tallest tree in the forest.

“Little Lei, throw this person far away,” Xue Fanxin suddenly said.

Little Lei wastorturing the little white tiger and messing with its fur.

Hearing Xue Fanxins words, he immediately stood up and kicked Xiao Muyan far away.

“Ah…” Xiao Muyans tragic cry tore through the sky and quickly disappeared with his people.

Little Lei returned and reported, “Sister, I kicked him away.

Mission accomplished.”


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