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When Xue Fanxin left with Ye Jiushang, Gu Jinyuan and the others naturally followed.

The people of the four great clans hesitated for a moment before doing the same, ignoring the enraged Yi Fentian.

Yi Fentian was even more displeased at their actions.

Especially when Ye Jiushang was not around, he showed his emotions without any qualms.

“Why are you following them Do you really think they care about your lives Ye Jiushang only cares about Xue Fanxin and the others.

Xue Fanxin is also an unruly and willful person.

She doesnt care about your lives either.”

The people of the four great clans pretended not to hear Yi Fentians words and even felt that he was ridiculous.

If not for the fact that everyone was tired, they would definitely mock him.

However, they were not in the mood to care about someone with mental illness.

Anyone with a little brain knew that only by following Xue Fanxin could they survive.

Only Yi Fentian, who wascrazy, would deny it.

Xue Hanxi looked at Yi Fentian coldly.

He wanted to advise him out of goodwill, but after thinking about it, he felt that it was best to avoid him.

If Yi Fentian could really listen to others, he would not have gone to cause trouble for Xue Fanxin repeatedly.

“You…” Yi Fentian was enraged for getting ignored, but at the same time, he was conflicted.

He did not know if he should follow them.

If he did not, he would never be able to walk out of this place alone.

At that time, he would only die.

Forget it, he should follow.

Only by living could he fulfill his wishes.

He had to bear with it first.

Once he left this place, things would improve.

Yi Fentian thought about it again and again before following everyone.

Although there were many strange gazes on him, he told himself to ignore them.

The only way to survive was to keep himself in check.

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Xue Fanxin naturally knew that Yi Fentian was following her.

This person was so shameless.

If not for the fact that she could not kill him here, she would not have endured until now.

“Xiner, although the illusion has been broken, we dont know where the exit is.

Do you have any ideas” Gu Jinyuan asked, breaking the heavy atmosphere.

“Im not too sure, but my intuition tells me that the exit should be there…” Xue Fanxin pointed at a dark place in front of her.

Actually, it was the Supreme Badge that had guided her here.

It had a close relationship with the Spacetime Emperor.

Perhaps it was telling her where the exit was

When the people saw the direction Xue Fanxin was pointing in, their faces darkened.

It was pitch-black and looked sinister and terrifying, unlike any exit.

It was more like a dead end.

Yi Fentian almost could not help but want to mock Xue Fanxin again, but this time, his impulse was suppressed by his rationality.

He only ridiculed her secretly.

Xue Fanxin naturally knew that the four great families did not believe her, but she did not intend to explain anything.

She shrugged indifferently.

“Lets go.” Ye Jiushang led Xue Fanxin toward the dark place.

The moment he walked in, he was enveloped by darkness.

There was not even a shadow.

Little Lei carried the little white tiger and followed the couple without hesitation.

Needless to say for Zhuri and Fuyun, they would go wherever their master went.

Although Gu Jinyuan and Ah Wei were a little afraid and hesitant, they trusted Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang more, so they also walked in.


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