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When Xue Fanxin saw the people from the four great clans, she knew where they had fallen.

Although she was a little miserable, recalling that the illusion here had already been broken, she was no longer so depressed.

She was suddenly blown away by a strange wind to a place that had once been an illusion.

Why did she feel like someone had done it deliberately

“Hello, everyone.

We meet again.” Xue Fanxin greeted everyone casually with a smile.

As for what the four great families thought, that was up to them.

“Were you trapped in the illusion just now” Xue Hanxi asked again.

Xue Fanxin nodded heavily, then weaved a web of lies.

“Thats right, thats right! We were also trapped in an illusion filled with poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts.

In the beginning, we ran around and fought everywhere.

Later, after our hard work, we finally found a flaw.

We had to use all kinds of effort to break the illusion.

Unexpectedly, once the illusion broke, we were blown away by a strange wind to here.

It was such a bad fall.

My entire body aches, and its as if my bones are about to fall apart.”

The people of the four great clans all looked enlightened.

It turned out that Xue Fanxin and the others had broken through the illusion and saved them.

Otherwise, they would still be trapped, running around and fighting until they were exhausted.

In that case, Xue Fanxin and the others had saved them again.

“Aiyo, my waist!” Xue Fanxin pretended to be in pain and acted pitiful, letting them know how much she had paid to save them.

Although her words were half-truths, she had indeed saved these people.

She was their savior; that was a fact.

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She did not want much.

As long as these people spread her name far and wide and slandered Su Baifeng, earning her some fame, it would do.

Although she did not like to be in the limelight, her identity as the Ninth Imperial Consort meant that she could not keep a low profile either.

Since she could not keep a low profile, she would keep a high profile.

Anyway, her name was bound to spread after these people left.

“I really have to thank you this time.

Otherwise, we would still be trapped in the illusion!” Xue Hanxi thanked Xue Fan sincerely.

Yi Fentian mocked angrily, “They were only saving themselves.

Saving us was just in passing.

If not for themselves, they would never have cared for us.”

Xue Fanxin glared at Yi Fentian unhappily and retorted, “I wont dispute with someone with a screw loose in his head.”

“Are you saying that I am crazy”

“If youre not crazy, why are you always shouting like a rabid dog If you dont believe me, you can ask the others and see if they think youre crazy too.”

“Xue Fanxin, dont go overboard.”

“Am I going overboard or are you Yi Fentian, I saved you once two years ago.

Then I saved your ass again multiple times.

Is this how you repay my kindness Back then, you were deceived by Li Yaoyao.

Its understandable; I can understand and forgive you.

But I cant do that anymore.

Youre on your own.

Ah Jiu, lets go and find the exit.

Ignore this crazy person.” Xue Fanxin took the initiative to hold Ye Jiushangs hand and pulled him away.

Ye Jiushang did not resist at all.

While leaving, he shot Yi Fentian a cold glare.

Just one look made him feel that the sky above his head was about to collapse as if the end of the world was coming.


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