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Ye Jiushang gently flicked Xue Fanxins forehead and said, “Silly girl, have you forgotten that you entered a state of epiphany when you first came here”

“You mean the thing about comprehending the time law” Xue Fanxin carefully recalled that scene.

Although the time law in her mind was blurry and did not have a form, she felt that these things were very important and mysterious.

They were powerful, but she could not grasp the essence.

Could it be that her comprehension was not enough

“Alright, dont think about it anymore.

Epiphany not only depends on ones comprehension ability but also on opportunities.

The time, place, and people are all very important.

Even if you crack your head, you wont gain anything.

The laws of time and space are the most difficult to grasp.

Even I cant figure them out at all.

Its already impressive that you can understand the threshold of the laws of time and space with such a low cultivation level.”

“Is that so But I dont feel anything.”

“The observer sees things clearly.

Apart from your comprehension of time and space, hasnt your cultivation also increased greatly Following the standard procedures, breaking through the Spirit Building Realm to the Spirit Refining Realm takes a year or even a few years at the very least.

Think about how long youve been here.

Besides, the time flow here is different from outside.

Weve been here for about seven to eight days, but its only been a day outside.

In a day, going from the Spirit Building Realm to the Spirit Refining Realm will scare people to death.”

Xue Fanxin felt that she had gained a lot from the Spacetime Emperors tomb.

Needless to say, her cultivation level had increased significantly.

She even comprehended the time laws.

This was the most important thing, because this was the inheritance of the Spacetime Emperor, the laws of time and space.

Now reflecting on it, she did seem to have obtained the inheritance.

But she did not feel anything!

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While she was feeling a little depressed, Little Leis shocked cry suddenly sounded.

“Wow, wow, wow… Come and take a look.

This picture can move.

The people inside are running everywhere while shouting.

It looks so much fun.”

“Awroo, awroo…” The little white tiger echoed Little Lei.

Recently, it had been sticking to Little Leis side.

It did not mind getting its fur ravaged by Little Lei.

Gu Jinyuan and the others were also looking at the moving scene.

They noticed that the people inside were from the four great clans.

They were running for their lives.

It seemed like something dangerous and ferocious was chasing after them, but there was clearly nothing.

“What are they doing”

“They seem to be running for their lives.”

Xue Fanxin walked over to take a look.

At a glance, she could tell that the thing hanging on the wall was a huge screen, but it contained spirit arts.

It should be another masterpiece created by the bored Spacetime Emperor.

She admired the Spacetime Emperor more and more.

Although bored, he was quite talented.

Ye Jiushang was not surprised when he saw the screen.

He took a look and said coldly, “They are trapped in the Illusory Spirit Realm.”

“Whats the Illusory Spirit Realm Is it an illusion”

“Something like that, but its more powerful than an illusion.

Only people who are proficient in the spatial laws can create such an illusion.”

“That should be the work of the Spacetime Emperor.”

“Perhaps.” Ye Jiushangs words were filled with coldness.

He did not care about the people trapped in the Illusory Spirit Realm, much less mention anything about saving them.


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