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Xue Fanxins skill in music was inferior to Ye Jiushangs, but after his reminder, she more or less sensed something.

Even if she was not very clear, she still did as he instructed and started to look for the source of the music.

This was clearly music played through a stereo.

From the sound quality and musical instruments used, it could only be from the modern age.

That Spacetime Emperor liked to bring modern things here to show off.

Presumably, the method to turn off music should be similar to those of modern sound systems.

Xue Fanxin began to search for something special in the palace while listening carefully.

In the end, she realized that there was a small button on one of the pillars in the palace.

There was no button on the other pillars.

This should be it, right

Although she had doubts, Xue Fanxin still decided to give it a try.

Taking advantage of the fact that there were fewer fireballs and water bullets around her, she jumped up and pressed the button.

The music really stopped.

Just as Ye Jiushang had guessed, once the music stopped, the fireballs and water bullets also disappeared.

The gorgeous palace became extremely calm.

“Success.” Xue Fanxin landed lightly and gestured to Ye Jiushang in victory.

Right then, a box flew down from the palaces roof and landed in front of Xue Fanxin.

She first glanced at Ye Jiushang to seek his opinion.

Seeing him nod at her, she reached out to take the box.

She opened it and saw that there was a sheepskin scroll inside, just like the one the little white tiger had given her last time.

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She could not understand the words on the sheepskin scroll either, so she could only hand it to a certain lord.

“Ah Jiu, whats written here”

Ye Jiushang thought there would be some soul-stirring information on the sheepskin scroll.

But his face revealed a hint of shock and disappointment.

“It saysCongratulations on your fortune.

Good luck always comes.

See you next time.\'”

“What” Xue Fanxin was shocked and speechless.

She could not understand what that Spacetime Emperor was playing at.

Who would want to see you again

If she came again, there would definitely be countless dangers.

Ye Jiushang roughly understood the personality of the Spacetime Emperor.

To put it simply, he was an old urchin.

But he was not bothered about it.

He only cared about one person.

“Xiner, see if there are any changes to the Supreme Badge in your body.”

“Ah” Xue Fanxin was stunned at first.

She did not understand why Ye Jiushang suddenly mentioned the Supreme Badge, but she still did as she was told.

She separated a wisp of her divine sense into her dantian and checked the Supreme Badge inside.

Then, she explained the changes in the Supreme Badge.

“The color of the Supreme Badge seems to have brightened a little.

It vaguely emits a warm force.

It feels quite comfortable.”

“Thats good.

Youve already successfully cleared Tomb Two.”

“I cleared it I cleared it just like that”

“Then what else do you want If Im not wrong, everything here was waiting for you.

As long as you came, even if you didnt do anything, you could still obtain the inheritance.”

“Inheritance I didnt find any inheritance.”

They had been encountering all kinds of danger since they entered this tomb.

Forget about the inheritance, they did not even see anything decent.

Apart from the Electric Water Eels, there was nothing.


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