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Ye Jiushang did not stay in the Dukes estate for long.

He left right after the meal.

He came majestically and left in a similar fashion.

He brought along three layers of guards, isolating everyone from the outside world.

Anyone who tried to approach him would be blocked by his guards.

This was one of the reasons why it was difficult for outsiders to meet the Ninth Imperial Uncle.

It was rumored that the Ninth Imperial Uncle was extraordinarily handsome and unfathomable.

His whereabouts were unpredictable, and he often disappeared.

He had vanished for more than half a year recently and suddenly reappeared a few days ago.

In short, to most people, the Ninth Imperial Uncle was a mystery.

Very few had seen such a mysterious person before, so no matter how amazing the rumors were, there were not many women who harbored romantic intentions towards him.

Who would love someone they had never seen before and who often disappeared without a trace

Li Yaoyao had heard of the Ninth Imperial Uncle before, but it was only through rumors.

Furthermore, such a person was too far away from her.

She had never harbored any thoughts about him.

But today, she accidentally saw the blurry figure of the Ninth Imperial Uncle from afar.

Her heart instantly went to him.

Such a noble, mysterious, and powerful person was the perfect other half in her heart.


Just by looking at the Ninth Imperial Uncles profile, Li Yaoyaos adoration for him reached the point of being unable to extricate herself.

Coupled with his status, power, and authority, all of them were what she wanted the most in her heart.

If… if she could become the Ninth Imperial Uncles woman, then she could…


With these thoughts in mind, Li Yaoyao unknowingly walked towards the distant Ninth Imperial Uncle.

However, after taking a few steps, she was stopped.


Unauthorized people are not to disturb the Ninth Imperial Uncle, or they will be killed without exception.”

“Im the cousin of the Young Miss of the Dukes estate.

Im not an outsider, right” Li Yaoyao said shamelessly.

She yearned to approach the Ninth Imperial Uncle too much, so even though she knew that she would hit a wall, she still wanted to give it a try.

“The Ninth Imperial Uncle has ordered that apart from Lord Duke and Miss Xue Fanxin, no one else is to approach within a hundred feet.”

“Xue Fanxin, its Xue Fanxin again.” Li Yaoyao cursed softly.

She cast a vicious glare at Xue Fanxin, who was chatting happily with the Ninth Imperial Uncle in the distance.

She wished she could tear her apart.

Xue Fanxin was forced by Xue Batian to send Ye Jiushang off.

When she reached the door, she felt a sinister gaze on her.

Hence, she turned her head and happened to meet Li Yaoyaos malicious gaze, smiling coldly.

As she had already awakened her spirit, her five senses were many times stronger than those of ordinary people.

Although she was far away, she could still clearly see Li Yaoyaos ferocious expression.

Ye Jiushang naturally knew that Li Yaoyao was nearby and was even more aware of the killing intent she revealed.

However, this small fry was not worthy of his attention.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, he did not even look at her.

All his attention was on Xue Fanxin.

He deliberately stroked her head dotingly and said, “That woman is a small viper.

If you dont get rid of her quickly, she will bite sooner or later.”

“Dont worry, the show is about to begin.”

“You mean Lian Bingyu”

Xue Fanxin rolled her eyes at Ye Jiushang.

Pointing at him, she said angrily, “Youre spying on me”

“Wrong.” Ye Jiushang removed Xue Fanxins finger and smiled leisurely.

“Im only interested in you and what you want to do.”


“Youd best not spoil my plans, or else…”

“Not only will I not disturb you, but if you need help, Ill lend a hand.”

“Hmph, mind your own business.”

“Little girl, you have a big temper.” Ye Jiushang used his hand to gently flick Xue Fanxins forehead.

Then, he whispered into her ear, “Tonight at midnight, Ill come and look for you.”


“What do you mean” When Xue Fanxin thought about Ye Jiushang still coming to pester her in the middle of the night, her heart burned with anger.

She wanted to rebuke him, but the person had already gotten onto the carriage and disappeared.

That damned Ye Jiushang.

What was he up to now


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