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Xue Hanxi laughed it off.

He had never thought of using this to gain any benefits from Xue Fanxin.

He really only treated her as his younger sister.

“Actually, many people in the Xue family are not so bad.

You didnt grow up in the Xue family, so its normal for you to not understand them.

If theres a chance, I hope you can get to know us.

You can make your decision then.”

“Decision What decision” Xue Fanxin asked in confusion, feeling that there was a hidden meaning in Xue Hanxis words.

“Arent you at odds with the Xue family Ive learned about the grudge between you and the Xue family from others.

Madam Xues faction issued the ban on you that day.

Im not saying this to dispute anything.

If you want to take revenge, I hope you only target those who are responsible.

Many people in the Xue family are innocent.”

“You seem to be afraid that Ill take revenge on the Xue family.

What are you scared of”

“Youll understand in the future.” Xue Hanxi did not make himself clear.

He smiled gently and left.

Just as he stood up, another crack suddenly appeared beneath his feet.

It expanded, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a bottomless abyss.

Xue Hanxi lost his footing and fell into the crack like Su Baifeng.

“Be careful.” Xue Fanxin used the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance and transformed countless butterflies into chains to pull Xue Hanxi back.

More and more cracks appeared on the ground.

Soon, the entire empty land was filled with them like a huge spider web.

Some cracks passed through the stone houses.

A few of them fell inside and disappeared.

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The crowd wanted to run back to the stone houses to hide, but now, they did not dare to go there.

After thinking about it, they went toward Xue Fanxin.

Their intuition told them that following her was their best bet.

Someone asked, “Theres such a commotion.

Why hasnt the Ninth Imperial Uncle come out”

It could be seen that these people regarded Ye Jiushang as a life-saving straw.

Once they encountered danger, they hoped that he would step forward to resolve it.

Xue Fanxin scoffed and ignored them.

She looked at the stone house Ye Jiushang was in and realized that there was nothing unusual.

Little Lei and Zhuri had not run out, and Gu Jinyuan and the others were also waiting inside.

As long as everyone was fine, she would be at ease.

As for the danger here and the lives of the four great clans, she would leave them to fate.

“Xue Fanxin, call the Ninth Imperial Uncle out!”

“Thats right, thats right! The Ninth Imperial Uncle is so powerful, and theres also that young man.

Once they come, the danger here will be resolved.”

“Theres that terrifying human bone in the underground crack.

Before they climb up, we have to think of a way to deal with it.

Miss Xue, please call the Ninth Imperial Uncle over.”

As more and more people started shouting, the crowds courage increased.

They all pressurized Xue Fanxin to call Ye Jiushang.

Some people even sounded like they were giving orders.

Yi Fentian said coldly, “Could it be that the Ninth Imperial Uncle is hiding and doesnt care about our lives”

The people of the four great clans got anxious.

In a life and death situation, most people would only be concerned about their own skin.

Yi Fentians words were undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire and worsening the matter, making everyone panic even more.

Following that, the number of complaints rose sharply.


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