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Xue Fanxin stored the ten thousand kilograms of Electric Water Eel meat in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space in front of the four great clans, not worried that they would suspect anything.

Even Ah Jiu could not sense the existence of the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, let alone the small fries from the four great clans.

“Where did you put so much meat” Su Baifeng was not like the rest who did not ask anything.

She was shocked to see Xue Fanxin take away so much fish.

She was certain that Xue Fanxin must have a treasure with an extremely large capacity.

In the Tongxuan Realm, storage bags were commonly used, and the capacity of the storage bag was at most a few thousand kilograms.

Most storage bags could only accommodate about 500 kilograms.

However, she had once heard that there were even higher-level storage treasures.

According to rumors, they could accommodate a mountain or even more, but she had never seen such a treasure.

How could Xue Fanxin have it

Could it have been Ye Jiushang

Su Baifeng imagined many things and even believed that the truth was as she thought.

The good things Xue Fanxin had must have been given by His Highness.

She really did not understand what was so good about Xue Fanxin.

Why did His Highness love her so much

“Of course, I put it in my storage space.

Where else can I put it Look at how jealous you are.

If you have the ability, go and ask Ah Jiu for one too.

Dont be jealous of me.” Xue Fanxin threw out a mysterious sentence and left coolly.

The people of the four great clans looked enlightened.

So Xue Fanxin had an even bigger interspatial bag, and it was given to her by the Ninth Imperial Uncle.

With just one sentence, Xue Fanxin perfectly hid her Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space.

Even Su Baifeng did not suspect anything.

She only glared fiercely at her as she left, her heart filled with anger.

But so what if she was angry She was so hungry that her stomach was stuck to her back, and no one was helping her.

Even the four great clans ignored her… How did she fall into such a state

All of this was Xue Fanxins fault.

If not for this woman, how could she be so miserable

“Miss, what should we do now” Huangyi asked weakly.

Seeing that the people from the four great families were busy cooking fish, she was envious.

“Youre asking me Who should I ask I really regret taking you useless people out.

None of you are useful.

Go and find food for me.

If you cant, dont come back.

All of you can die outside.” Su Baifeng was furious.

She vented her anger on her entourage.

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Seeing Su Baifeng flare up in such an undignified manner, the people of the four great clans learned more about her personality.

They no longer had a good impression of her.

Perhaps Su Baifeng also understood that her true personality was out, so she no longer hid it.

She did not know if these people could survive.

Why should she spend so much effort on them

Even if these people lived, she had a way to deal with them.

As long as she had the heart, she could rebuild her reputation.

The most important thing now was to think of a way to leave this place alive.

Nothing else mattered.

If these people did not let her have an easy time, she would not let them have an easy time either.

If they were going to die, they would die together.



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