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When Su Baifeng came, the people of the four great clans were wary of her, afraid that she would push them out to be her shield.

Although displeased, she did not have the luxury to care about what others thought of her.

Despite being with the four great clans, her mind had always been on Ye Jiushang.

As she watched Ye Jiushang play the guqin with another woman, she felt increasingly jealous.

She had always known that Ye Jiushang had a special flute called the Xue You Flute.

She had accidentally seen him take it out to study.

Although she had only seen the Xue You Flute once, she could not forget it even now, always thinking of obtaining this flute.

But now that the Xue You Flute had fallen into Xue Fanxins hands, how could she not be angry and hate her

Su Baifeng stared at Xue Fanxin, who was focused on playing.

The longer she looked, the more hatred she felt.

It was getting too intense.

In the end, she actually could not hide it anymore, showing it all on her face.

When the people of the four great clans saw Su Baifengs hateful expression, they were so frightened that they moved away from her.

The number one beauty and talent in their hearts were no longer there.

They then looked at Xue Fanxin, who was playing a duet with Ye Jiushang to defeat the invaders.

She was so elegant and peaceful, and her spirit was so touching… No wonder Ye Jiushang had given up on Su Baifeng, the woman with the title of number one beauty.

She was indeed incomparable to Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin was in a special state.

Apart from Ye Jiushang, there was no one else in her eyes, heart, and mind.

There was only the sound of the guqin and flute that the two of them played together.

The realm of sound was very strange as if it had brought her to a place filled with the sounds of nature.

She had comprehended the initial form of the Voice of Heaven and Earth previously, so what did she comprehend now

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Even if she had gained some insights, she could not go too deep.

After all, she was fighting.

If anything happened during her comprehension, it would be bad for herself and Ah Jiu.

Hence, she should fight seriously.

With the duo playing together, the number of Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers decreased.

The vengeful spirits around them gradually dissipated.

On Little Leis side, dozens of adult Electric Water Eels corpses were piled up in a corner like a small mountain.

It was a magnificent sight.

Little Lei watched these Electric Water Eels closely.

He would kill whichever one of them had survived and wanted to escape.

Not a single one was permitted to leave.

“How dare you run Get back here and be my food!”


Seeing a huge fish being kicked back by a youngster, the people of the four major families trembled.

Their hearts were filled with fear as they secretly sighed.

Fortunately, they were not big fish, or they would be in trouble.

Zhuri and Fuyun were also doing very well.

With Gu Jinyuan and Ah Weis help, they did not just resist those vines; they even beat them back into the lake.

Once the skeleton soldiers collapsed, the Electric Water Eels were beaten, and the vines returned to the lake, this terrifying crisis was finally over.

However, before the people of the four great clans could feel the joy of surviving a calamity, a voice broke the atmosphere.

“What happened Why is it so noisy Why are you all clamoring about Dont you know itll affect peoples sleep”

Xiao Muyan, this guy, walked out of his stone house.

He started cursing before realizing what was going on outside.

He soon realized that the situation was amiss and was stunned.


“What… whats going on”


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