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Su Baifeng had accidentally confessed to poisoning Ye Jiushang, which was equivalent to indirectly admitting that she had once sent people to assassinate Xue Fanxin… The people of the four great clans felt that they had been slapped in the face.

After all, they had all chosen to believe Su Baifeng just now, but who knew that Xue Fanxin was speaking the truth

Yi Fentian was also upset and frustrated.

He hated himself for not believing Xue Fanxin.

He had missed an opportunity to make the beauty change her mind.

If Ye Jiushang were present, he would have definitely sided with Xiner.

Su Baifeng noticed that the people from the four great clans were all looking at her strangely.

She got a little nervous.

She was afraid that her image was ruined, yet she had to maintain her composure or she might fall for Xue Fanxins trap again.

“Xue Fanxin, youre afraid of losing His Highnesss heart one day, so youre targeting me like this, right I did indeed use the Draconic Lotus Intoxication, but thats not a poison.

Its only a way to make people fall asleep in a drunken state.

It wont cause any harm to the body.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Xue Hanxi.

Hes read a lot and knows a little about medicine.

Young Master Xue, why dont you tell everyone what Draconic Lotus Intoxication is”

The people of the four great families turned to the side as they listened.

They all looked at Xue Hanxi, waiting for his answer.

Xue Hanxi actually did not want to help Su Baifeng.

After all, at the end of the day, Xue Fanxin was his younger sister, but he could not lie just because he wanted to help her.

Hence, he found a perfect excuse.

“Dragon Lotus Intoxication is indeed not a poison.

It is a special material used to brew wine.

Because of its exorbitant price, ordinary wine families cant afford to use it.

As a result, very few people use it to brew wine, and many people are unaware of its existence.


“But what” someone asked.

“But there are differences between people after all.

Some will be fine after consuming it, but others will be not, so some things are really difficult to say.”

When Su Baifeng heard the first half of Xue Hanxis words, she was secretly delighted.

Unexpectedly, there was a twist in the second half.

This made her depressed and angry, wishing she could tear Xue Hanxis mouth apart.

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This damned Xue Hanxi actually did not help her.

How hateful.

Didnt he know how bad the relationship between the Xue family and Xue Fanxin was

Xue Fanxin had a good impression of Xue Hanxi, and it had improved a lot now.

She could tell that he was not like the others from the four great clans, who had been charmed by Su Baifeng.

He was not shallow or foolish, but unfortunately, he was a member of the Xue family.

“Young Master Xue, what do you mean Are you implying that Im lying” Su Baifeng questioned Xue Hanxi straightforwardly.

Although her words were gentle, there was clearly anger in them.

Before Xue Hanxi could respond, Little Lei couldnt help but say mockingly, “You are indeed lying.

Youre a stupid and bad woman.

How can a fool like you be the number one talent I think youre more like the number one idiot.

Do you know how much my master hates you He hates you so much that he wants you to die.”

Su Baifeng was provoked by Little Leis sharp words and asked coldly, “Whose child are you How did your parents teach you to be so rude and disrespectful”

When Su Baifeng reprimanded Little Lei, the people of the four great families all involuntarily took a step back and distanced themselves from her.

At the same time, they looked at her as if they were looking at an idiot.

This young man was anything but weak.

If Su Baifeng was not stupid, how could she not sense the powerful aura on him

You can count on yourself if you offend this young man.


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