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Su Baifeng had always been working hard to maintain her perfect image.

Especially in front of outsiders and those important people with status, she had to be even more careful and not let anything go wrong…

However, her persona had been destroyed by Xue Fanxin.

How could she not be angry

Yet, she could not throw her temper and shout without restraint, nor could she rush up and get physical.

Although she was itching to do so, she could not.

She had to keep her emotions in check and use words to clear her name.

“Xue Fanxin, everything needs to be based on evidence.

You said that I poisoned His Highness and even sent people to assassinate you.

May I ask what evidence you have Please dont throw accusations without proof.

If I had really poisoned the current Ninth Imperial Uncle, would he let me off But look, everyone.

Im still fine.

The Ninth Imperial Uncle didnt do anything to me.

This means that I didnt poison the Ninth Imperial Uncle, right”

The crowd felt that it made sense.

Previously, they had doubts about Su Baifeng because of Xue Fanxins words, but now, their minds had cleared up.

They all agreed that Xue Fanxin was slandering Su Baifeng.

Even Yi Fentian thought so.

He found her actions unsightly, but he did not know who to side with at this moment.

If he sided with Su Baifeng, Xiner would definitely not be happy.

However, if he took Xiners side, he would become a person who could not distinguish right from wrong and would be mocked.

Now, it seemed like it was best not to help either.

Xue Fanxin did not care what anyone in the four great clans thought of her.

She only cared about herself, whether she was happy, comfortable, and continued to make things difficult for Su Baifeng.

“How do you know that Ah Jiu didnt do anything to you Hasnt the Prime Ministers Estate been in a lot of trouble recently I wonder if Prime Minister Su has come out of the prison”

“You…” Su Baifeng actually had suspicions that Ye Jiushang was behind the Prime Ministers Estates recent calamities.

But she was not certain and wasnt willing to confirm it, because she could not accept such a fact.

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However, the truth of this matter had been exposed by Xue Fanxin.

This undoubtedly destroyed her last fantasy.

She had been living in her fantasies recently.

She dreamed that Ye Jiushang would hate Xue Fanxin, understand her feelings, and realize how good she was.

In the end, he would choose her.

She imagined that she would wear a red wedding dress and marry into the Ninth Lords Estate to become the Ninth Imperial Consort…

However, her fantasy was broken by Xue Fanxins words and turned into bubbles.

She found it very difficult to accept for a moment and was quite stimulated, even yelling, “Xue Fanxin, dont spout nonsense.

His Highness told me himself that he wouldnt dispute with me about the Draconic Lotus Intoxication, so how could he cause trouble for the Prime Ministers Estate”

“Oh… Ah Jiu said that he wouldnt hold you accountable So you finally admitted that you were the one who poisoned him with the Draconic Lotus Intoxication.”

“I…” When Su Baifeng saw Xue Fanxins gloating expression, she realized her mistake and gritted her teeth.

“You did it on purpose.”

“I did do it on purpose, so what Bite me.”

“Xue Fanxin, dont go overboard.”

“You think Im going overboard with just a few words of truth Then wont you think that what Im going to do next will be even more overboard”

Want to fight me Go back and train for a few more years.



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