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Before Su Baifeng could figure out the situation, she saw the important figures of the four great clans appear one after another.

She was not unfamiliar with Yi Fentian, Xue Hanxi, Bai Han, and Lian Fangcheng at all.

She had some friendship with them and even chatted with them over tea.

Her heart calmed down a lot.

She was not as panicked and afraid as before.

She slowly swam to the shore and climbed up with the help of everyone.

Along with Su Baifeng were Huangyi and a few attendants and maids in uniform.

Those who could come here alive all had a certain level of strength.

It could be seen that these people were not simple.

After Su Baifeng reached the shore, she immediately circulated her energy to dry her clothes, trying her best to maintain her perfect image in front of outsiders.

Right then, someone actually asked her for food.

“Miss Su, do you have any food on you Can you give us some Weve been hungry for days.”

“Miss Su is a good person.

Shell definitely be willing to help others.

Dont be anxious.

Let her rest first and take a breath.

Dont scare her.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Dont scare her.”

Su Baifeng had long recovered, especially after the people from the four great clans appeared.

With companions, all the fear in her heart was gone.

She was only thinking about how to maintain her image as the number one beauty and use these people to maximize her benefits.

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“Huangyi, take out some of our food and share it with everyone.”

“Yes.” Huangyi took out some food from her bag.

The next instant, it was snatched away by the four great clans.

That bit of food was not enough to share, so she had to take out more.

Su Baifeng saw that the people from the four great clans were fighting over food like hungry ghosts.

Even young masters like Yi Fentian and Lian Fangcheng looked anxious as if they cared a lot about food… She felt that something was amiss.

What was the problem

Could it be that these people were just hungry

While Su Baifeng was deep in thought, the food in Huangyis bag had almost been distributed.

During the process, she also noticed some problems, so she did not empty all her stock, wanting to leave a little behind.

But the four great families were unwilling to let her off.

They insisted that she give them more, and they even had the intention of snatching it.

The scene became more and more chaotic.

Only when Huangyi emptied the bag did everyone slowly quieten down.

As they ate the half-stolen food, they said, “Miss Su is still the best! Shes beautiful, generous, gentle, and kind.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Miss Su is really a good person!”

“Miss Su, youre the best.”

“Miss Su is a good person!”

Su Baifeng was originally thinking about the strange happenings, but after hearing so much praise, she felt light-headed.

She liked flattery, and her mood improved to the extreme.

She was so good that she forgot what to think.

Right then, a mocking voice suddenly sounded, ruining her good mood.

“A stupid woman has come, and shes not just ordinarily stupid!”

“Its indeed stupid,” a tsundere voice said.

Hearing such ridiculing words, Su Baifeng was displeased, but she did not show it.

Instead, she looked up first.

When she saw the person who spoke, she was stunned.

“Fanjiu, why are you here”

The moment Su Baifeng said the nameFanjiu, someone beside her said coldly, “What Fanjiu She is Xue Fanxin.”

“What did you say” Hearing the nameXue Fanxin, Su Baifeng was even more shocked.

Her face was filled with disbelief.

She stared fixedly at Xue Fanxin.

Even if the truth was in front of her, she was unwilling to believe it.

How could Fanjiu be Xue Fanxin

Xue Fanxin was clearly an extremely ugly waste, but Fanjiu…

Impossible, this was impossible.

Xue Fanxin could not be Fanjiu, and Fanjiu could not be Xue Fanxin.


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